You Can Do It

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You Can Do It

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes you’re unexpectedly stuck in traffic and late to work. Sometimes you’re trying to get important tasks done and get constantly interrupted. Sometimes you’re being chased by angry, post-apocalyptic scorpion-tailed creatures and you find yourself stopped by a mutant eel-infested toxic river. Whatever the situation I have good news for you: you can do it!

A Wrong Turn

Sometimes life takes a wrong turn. Sometimes you think that promotion you’re about to get ends up being a discussion about how you need to do better. Sometimes the date that seemed to go well ends by being ghosted.

To be clear, in our reality ghosting is something quite different. It typically involves some mad scientist experiment, some harnessed lightning, and a pale-white zombie who can move through walls for a few days. It’s terrible and troublesome, but somehow on the nose at Halloween.

Sometimes the turn life takes is the one around the decimated high-rise right into the face of a host of scary creatures.

When life takes these turns, you have two choices: sit there and be stung over and over, or run like hell in a better direction. It may not always seem like there’s much gas in the tank, but I’m here to tell you, if I can outrun a scorpion-tailed horse, you can do it too.

Overcoming Challenges

Sometimes life loves to throw up roadblocks.

Sometimes Yaki’ likes to say sometimes way too much.

Like when you’re running for your life and you come to the bank of a mutant eel-infested toxic river. It feels like it’s time to give up.

As I sat there searching for how I could cross this deadwood-laden river without having my precious zombie best stung off, I almost gave up. Then I thought about Frogger – that three-headed tortoise that’s always determined and sure of himself. (Weird name, I know, but is Yaki’ any better?). Frogger wouldn’t give up. He would find a way out of this.

That’s when I realized I could jump across the driftwood to safety, which is exactly what I did.

You Can Do It

You can do it too. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the stuff that’s wrong we forget to look for possibilities. We often get so immersed in the complexities, we forget the importance of simplicity.

We all have our mutant eel-infested toxic rivers to cross. For some it might be telling our boss we deserve a promotion. For others it might be facing our anxiety and asking out that person we’ve been admiring. For me, it was a river of toxic ooze filled with mutant eels that could shock you stupid and nibble off your toes. All are equally valid.

But regardless of what your eel-infested river looks like, you can cross it. You can get to the other side. Just look at what you need to do to get there. Part of the joy of living is taking positive risks in order to have fun in life.

You can do it! Now get out there and make it happen!

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