Why Goals Are Important

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why goals are important

You ever find yourself being chased by rabid chipmunk/bat hybrids, thrown about by colossal, sentient swamp beasts, or threatened by a mutant horse with a scorpion tail? Oh! You’re here to hear why goals are important. Wrong subject.

Or is it?

(I’m trying to be coy, but as a zombie, I’m not always sure it’s coming across. It isn’t the wrong subject. That’s my point. 

This is the part where I explain.)

Mutant Freak Show

So you’ve never been accosted by vampire monks (rabid chipmunk/bat hybrids)? Or been thrown by a beast that looks (accurately) like it was animated from toxic swamp debris yet feels painfully like a tree? Or spent the most-heart pounding 5 minutes of your life trying to avoid a horse’s giant scorpion tail?

Maybe you haven’t, but that doesn’t mean you don’t understand what that feels like, metaphorically. After all, we all have embarrassing and heart-wrenching stories that feel like we’ve been slammed by a tree or been threatened by a giant scorpion tail.

This is why goals are important. Because of… they um… protect us from the giant scorpion tails of… um…

Okay, I had something for this and then Goliath (one of those swamp debris mutants), walloped me good. Sadly, I was just meandering about, not paying attention and then …

Oh! That’s it! I remember now.

Why Goals Are Important

The fact is what you experience psychologically in your dimension, we experience physically. Our world can be very unforgiving. You head down the wrong road and – BAM! – You get a tree-arm to the kisser.

For us zombies, we have to have a plan. We know when the lumbering mutants (Goliath and his friends) stumble about and where. We know when the vampire monks are most ready to swarm. We know where the scorses (the scorpion horses) roam. 

Knowing where we are going and when makes a huge difference on whether or not we end up where we want to be or blacked out for days with a tree imprint on our foreheads.

Goals are the roadmaps that keep us on track for the best possible outcome. They help us plan the smartest way through life while avoiding the pitfalls and bad situations that can derail us.

i Get A Head
You don’t get to a specific vacation destination without making a plan. You don’t achieve your dreams without setting goals.

Creating Goals

Now you know why goals are important. If you want to avoid the crushing defeat of a solid tree-trunk of an arm (luckily for you, that’s metaphorical), then create a goal right now.

Creating a goal is simple. Follow these 3 steps:

Small Steps
  • Make it Simple: It’s more important to get in the habit and grow than overwhelm yourself
  • Be Positive, Present: State what you want (not what you don’t), & use present tense.
  • Add a Metric, Deadline: Make it measurable (read 5 books) & add a deadline (by June 30th)

You want to use positive language because your mind focuses on what you talk about. If you say you don’t want to smoke, then you think about smoking. Instead, focus on breathing only clean air. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

In the same way, your brain focuses on the timeline you state. If you say “I will read”, you are telling your brain, you will do it eventually. Instead say it as if you are doing it now “I read”.

Here are a couple examples:

  • I read 5 books by June 30th.
  • I breath only clean air by January 31st.

Goals Are Important

It’s about time for the vampire monks to come out, so I have to keep this short. Since I planned ahead, I know exactly what I need to do and when in order to share these secrets with you.

Goals are simply roadmaps to get us where we want to go. They help us avoid pitfalls, create strong plans, and spur us on to make progress. I can’t tell you how many times I approached my deadlines and found the inspiration to make a little extra effort because of all the work I had already done and knowing what it took to make it over the finish line.

You know why goals are important. You know how to make goals work for you. You know how to create them. Now simply create 1-3 goals in the next 3 minutes. They don’t have to be perfect; you can adjust as you go. The important thing is to make them and make your dreams a reality.

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