Why Fun at Work Matters

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Why Fun at Work Matters

You may be asking why fun at work matters. You may also ask why I have a squid on my head. It’s a funny story. 

Not for me, but for the squid.

Squid at Work

I found out something interesting today. Flying squids actually do what they do for work.

For those who are new, let me catch you up. We live in a post-apocalyptic version of earth, squids can fly, and they love to pull zombies up into the air and drop them in toxic Lake Larry.

This, of course, is all old news to me as I have not only seen it happen, but experienced it myself

You Will Succeed

What I didn’t know is that the squids are doing this for work. Actually, they aren’t doing the zombie dropping for work. That’s for fun. I think they’ve figured out why fun at work matters. What they do for work is… well, fly.

Who Knew Flying Was Boring?

Apparently one of the mad scientists around here built some sort of device to read minds, and she discovered that flying squids have some sort of business where they fly around to make money. 

It appears they haven’t fully fleshed out the business model. At this point it’s a simple three point plan:

  1. Fly at least 50 miles a day
  2. ?
  3. Profit

So, each flying squid has to fly at least 50 miles a day, and it’s pretty boring work, particularly when they’re not fast fliers. Apparently dragging a mass of tentacles behind you doesn’t make for great aerodynamics.

That’s why they drag zombies into the sky. They’re just trying to make work fun. It seems they’ve discovered why fun at work matters. It makes the day more exciting and makes it easier to reach your goals.

Back to Me and This Squid

So why do I have this squid on my head? That’s a great question. I think it might be done with its workday and is just taking a rest.

To be honest, this is the best interaction I’ve had with a squid… well… ever. It’s kind of massaging my head and I’m getting a bit of a kick out of it. It’s really making my shoveling go by quickly.

That’s why fun at work matters – it makes the job easier, and that makes it easier to do more work. Work is better when you have fun, and the more people that have fun, the more productive everyone is. What’s more, it avoids the reason why most people hate work.

That doesn’t even mention how much better it is for employers to have employees that stand out because they’re getting so much done.

Get A Head
When you work on a task you have fun at you will succeed. That’s why fun at work matters. Maybe it’s time to get your own personal squid and make your work rewarding.
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