Who Is a Successful Person? Someone who has Easy, Streaking Fun

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Who Is a Successful Person

If you’ve ever wondered “who is a successful person?” The answer is quite simple: it’s someone who has easy, streaking fun.

The better you streak, the more fun it is.

Streaking All the Time

I do a ton of streaking. As a zombie, it’s kind of my MO. (ironically, I don’t know what M.O. means, which is also my MO. I think.)

I have to streak. If I didn’t streak, there’s no way I could get everything done. Sure, the neighbors stare, but as they’re zombie’s too, that’s kind of their M.O. (Mutant, octopus, maybe? Wait! Is this talking about flying squids? No thank you!)

When I start my day, the first thing I do is streak. It’s what I do all day. It’s what I do just before I end my day. When someone asks my neighbors “who is a successful person,” they point to me and say, “that streaker over there.”

If you want to know how I use my streaking to be successful, it’s really only one of three steps. It’s all about easy, streaking fun.

It’s Easy

Before I talk about streaking, let’s talk about tasks. I love to do tasks. Why? Because I make them easy.

If I need to dig a ditch to keep mutant gophers at bay, I don’t focus on the digging of the ditch; I focus on the easiest part of the task and make that my task. My only task is to pull up one shovelful of dirt. That’s how I do less to do more. Easy peasy.

When I think about digging a ditch, I don’t have any desire to do it. I’ll procrastinate. I’ll come up with excuses. I’ll “accidentally” attract the attention of some lumbering mutants just to “have to run for my life” to avoid the work.

But a shovelful of dirt! Sign me up! I can do that. I’m out the door before you know it. After I finish, I feel proud and accomplished for jumping right in, so much so, that I’ve done a second shovelful before I thought about it. As I consider how well I’m doing, I realize I’ve actually done quite a sizable chunk of the work. Who is a successful person? Someone who can trick their brain into enjoying work by making it easy. It’s also someone who streaks.


I find the most successful people are streakers. In fact, it seems the people who struggle the most aren’t streakers. It’s not that they don’t want to show people what they’ve got, it’s just that they haven’t figured out the value of streaking.

When I want to dig that ditch, my first job is to make the task easy. But digging a ditch isn’t a one day operation. It’s something that spans over several days.

I can get momentum on day one, but if I stop on day two, that momentum is gone. That’s why I need to do the task every day. I need to create a streak of accomplishment that doesn’t stop until the task is done. 

Streaking is the most important part of success. If you want to be a writer, write every day. If you want to be a musician, play every day. If you want to be a flying squid, get the hell out! Flying squids suck!

Get A Head
When dealing with sucker-supplied squids, the term “suck” is both literal and metaphorical, unlike this unnecessary explanation which only sucks metaphorically.

Make It Fun

Who is a successful person? Someone who finds fun things to do everyday. How many highly successful people do you see who always have a dour expression? Okay, zombies pretty much all have a dour expression, but our meal plan has just one item on it, so you have to factor that in.

People who are successful enjoy what they do. They enjoy connecting with people. They enjoy the things they create. They have fun.

They not only have fun, they make fun. When I dig a ditch, I whistle – in my head. I am a zombie after all. The only sound coming out of this mouth is “brains”.

I also imagine that I’m creating a dirt sculpture or I’m in a dirt digging race. There are a million ways to make chores into fun activities. That’s what successful people do.

Who Is a Successful Person?

Who is a successful person? Someone who has easy, streaking fun! If you want to take control of your life, take these small steps to success and have easy, streaking fun.

Simple Steps
  • Easy: Break tasks down into simple steps to make them easy to handle.
  • Streaking: Have uninterrupted streaks of effort that keep the momentum going.
  • Fun: make the work fun.

You can be a streaker too and make everyone you fly by gasp in amazement. Do you want to be a successful person? Then it’s time for you to have some easy, streaking fun!

Get out there and get at it.

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