What Makes a Good Relationship?

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What Makes a Good Relationship

If you want to know what makes a good relationship, it’s not leaving your friend to fend for himself against a scorpion-tailed horse (or scorse), that’s for sure.

Feeling Included

So, you want to know what makes a good relationship. That’s admirable. More admirable than, say, running away from your friend when a scorse heads your way. Especially when the person you leave behind has recently hurt their ankle and can’t run very fast.

Sorry, I’m getting off track. Good relationships require that we include the important people in our lives. When we shut them out…

…I’m sorry, but is it too much to ask just to help your friend? I mean, sure, you’re afraid of being stung, but as a zombie, it’s not like you’ll die, right? As I’m trying not to give up, he’s running for cover in a pile of rubbish.

Anyway, making time for people in your life and making sure they are included in important parts of your life is part of what makes a relationship good, much like kindness.

The Golden Rule

Enjoying relationships means more than just having someone to have fun things to do everyday. It also means being kind. In short, it means treating others as you want to be treated.

Like not leaving them alone with a scorse with fire in its eyes. Or not throwing stuff at that person when they’re trying their best to limp away.

What makes a relationship good is caring about the other person and wanting the best for them. Kindness is a crucial key for positive relationships, and applying the golden rule is, well, golden.

Zombies are not always the quickest witted… quick wittedest? Quickly witted? … Hmmm… I’m starting to think I’m a zombie.

Inclusion and kindness are important, but what makes a good relationship a great relationship is empathy.

Understanding How Others Feel

If you want good relationships you have to understand how others feel. You have to put yourself in their shoes.

Of course, sometimes it’s hard. When you’re facing down a scorse and your friend just bails on you and throws things at you… what goes through a person’s mind like that?

I mean… why would someone just abandon their friend, screaming? Oddly, it turned out the screaming was beneficial as it alerted other zombies who came to help. That was quite fortunate, actually.

But I was so slow moving, and Bob knew it, and this was not one of those times where slow and steady wins the race. Still he chucked that metal plate at me that was so heavy. It was thick enough to stop a …

Maybe Bob’s a better friend than I thought. Maybe he was doing what he could to include me in the escape and show me kindness because he empathized with my situation. Maybe Bob knows better about what makes a good relationship. Maybe we should all be more like Bob.

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