What Is Your Daily Routine?

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What Is Your Daily Routine

Do you want to accomplish more? Then you need a daily routine. What’s your daily routine?

If you don’t have one, I can help, particularly if you’re a zombie. If not, I’ll give it a shot anyway.

The Value of a Daily Routine

When I first became a zombie, I had no motivation. I was listless. I meandered about. I was always hungry and never satisfied. Even though I know everyone matters, I didn’t feel like I did. I spent most of my time staring into the distance mouth agape.

To any Greek zombies out there, the word he used here is “a-gape” as in “having the mouth open in wonder, surprise, or shock”, not “a-ga-pé” as in a very pure form of love. As much as zombies love to eat, they are not in love with their mouths. If they were, considering their diet, there would be nothing pure about it.

It wasn’t until I fell into a routine that things started to turn around. My friends and I met up regularly. I went for daily walks, and, if there was a lumbering mutant around with anger in his eyes, daily runs. I found some things I enjoyed doing and made time each day to do them.

Finding a good daily routine turned my chaos into calm. So what’s your daily routine? Don’t have one? It’s easy!

Creating a Daily Routine

If you want the benefits of daily routine, here are three steps to make it happen.

Simple Steps
  • Make It Simple: Don’t go for big changes at first. Start simple and improve over time.
  • Do It Daily: Enjoy doing it each day. It will build a habit and make it a positive part of your life.
  • Find Something Fun: Start with activities you enjoy, like creative passions.

If you don’t have a daily routine, it’s time to to create one. Start building a routine today with one simple thing you enjoy and do it daily. You may even want to start with a couple things. Over time you can add more.

It will make your life more enjoyable and more rewarding, and then next time someone asks “what’s your daily routine,” you’ll know exactly what to say.

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