What Happens When You Take Control of Your Life?

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Okl'n the zombie jogging in the graveyard at night

What happens when you take control of your life? Like most of us zombies, Okl’n only recently discovered what it feels like to have control. 

The barriers we purposely to set for ourselves are the ones that hurt us the most in the long run. This is what happened with Okl’n. 

One Moment of Realization Changed Our Zombie Friend

Okl’n, like most of us zombies, wanted to have a bit of fun. Too often, when he would go out, he would be bothered by flying squids getting a hold of him. He was afraid to leave his hovel. 

Days turned into weeks, and Okl’n knew that he had to end this once and for all. He was determined to take control of his life without anyone else holding the reins. 

It turned out that it neither hurt nor bothered him when the flying squid caught him. On the contrary, the experience was rejuvenating for our zombie pal Okl’n, who finally discovered that there is no greater joy than being your own master.

Fear doesn’t get you far, but control does, and Okl’n found out how to take control of his life, but have you?

More Control Leads to a Positive Attitude

A negative attitude can leave you feeling like you’ve fallen into the deepest grave in the graveyard. However, a positive attitude can change your world for the better. In our post-apocalyptic world, what counts is your optimism. With so many zombies out there (or people where you are), this can become a possibility once you change your outlook on the situation.

Okl’n was pessimistic at first and thought that the flying squids were an obstacle that prevented him from having fun. However, when he started to look more positively at the situation, he realized that, just like him, they too needed some company. 

The first thing that happens when you take control is that your attitude changes for the better. Once you do that, you’re halfway there! 

It Makes You See Your Potential

Okl’n eventually stopped hiding indoors and decided that he had enough. He embraced the thought that while some things may not be in his control, others were.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is acknowledging your strengths and knowing that you can do wonderful things if you give yourself a chance. Tap into that hidden potential of yours, analyze what your strengths are, and then try taking control of your life.

External factors are beyond our control. Don’t focus on these, as it can leave you feeling demotivated. Focus on what only you can do. This will all become possible once you take more control of your life.

It Teaches You to Be Independent

Independence doesn’t have to be only in monetary terms. You can be independent of your worries, sorrows, negativities, etc., once you take control of your life. 

Of course, once you do take control of your life, you won’t immediately notice the results! At first, you may be hit by feelings of uncertainty, followed by anger, just like our friend Okl’n felt. Eventually, you will feel liberated in your skin! 

Whatever may have been holding you back: a person, an object, anything, will begin to fade because you will understand that only you are the sole controller of your life. Curate your life in accordance with what suits you. Everyone has their own pace, and yours pace doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. With a will and determination, you will eventually get there.

What kind of person do you want to be? Do you want to live in fear? Or are you a risk-taker who wishes to face up to challenges and find solutions? If it is the latter, then taking control is the pathway that will lead you down the road of success. Build a smart pathway and get excited about good things.

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