What Are Bad Habits and How to Eliminate Them

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Pri the zombie thinking in front of toxic Larry Lake that glows green.

Analyzing our habits can be an overwhelming task. Recognizing our habits and categorizing them as bad or good is a constant battle. Most of us often struggle with the exact definition of bad habits.

We sometimes can’t understand our habits because we don’t understand how impact affect our life. Pri’ was also struggling with fully understanding her bad habits.

What Are Bad Habits? 

Bad habits are behaviors that interfere with our life and keep us from achieving our goals. They risk our well-being both intellectually and physically. Let’s take a deeper look: what are bad habits?

Bad habits are the kind of habits that may result in minor or major discomfort to us and our surroundings. In other words, bad habits can be seen as a negative way of behaving. A few common lifestyle examples of bad habits are nail biting, poor budgeting and overspending, and poor time management.

What Causes Unfortunate Behavior Patterns?

Two things bring about the greater part of our persistent bad habits: Stress and Fatigue. Bad habits are just an approach to managing stress and fatigue.

All those behaviors can be a straightforward reaction to stress and weariness, from biting your nails to overspending on a shopping spree to wasting tons of time online.

Changing Bad Habits Begins with Knowing Them

Our daily life is filled with habits. They are a mix of good and bad habits. We often unconsciously make a habit without knowing whether it is good or not. Well, Pri’ was facing an identification crisis for her habits. She had a few habits and didn’t know whether they were bad or good.

She knew that before differentiating the habits, she needed to understand what are bad habits.

How to Recognize a Bad Habit? 

Bad habits make your life more difficult without making anyone else’s life subsequently easier. In short, bad habits are habits that cause you or someone you care about pain on an ongoing basis. Bad habits can be a set of activities that affect your productivity and daily tasks and passively affect your surroundings. 

Why do bad habits arise? Is there a particular belief or reason for them? Are we holding onto something damaging to us because of something deeper – a fear, an event, or a limiting belief? For us to overcome our bad habits, we must recognize their causes.

Self-Recognition Is the Key to Change

The best way to avoid bad habits is to build a good ones. Pri’ liked to just go to Larry Lake and watch the sunrise. She couldn’t analyze whether this habit was a good one or a bad one.

One of the main reasons for her inability to recognize the habit was that she focused more on listening to others’ opinions. Pri’ was accused of being lazy by some because she went to Larry Lake.

Pri’ started paying more attention to this behavior. She concluded that this was a good habit for her. The reason was that the time she spent on the lake allowed her to sort her thoughts with the added advantage of the exercise provided by the daily walk.

Pri’ decided to opt for self-care after much consideration and analysis. 

Self-Care – An Easy Way Out From Bad Habits

Once Pri’ realized that self-care is a good habit, she also concluded that walking to the lake was one of the good habits. The reason is that it made a positive impact on her life and her wellness.

In the same way, she analyzed another habit and realized eating brain before bed was bad and unnecessary. She wasn’t required to eat brains before bed if she started eating a good dinner.

A good dinner will make her feel full until breakfast time so that she has enough time to digest her brain before going to bed. This way, she made small changes in her schedule that allowed her to have a sound sleep. She was also able to replace her bad habit.

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