Trick Your Brain to Do What You Want

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How to Trick Your Brain

Have you ever noticed that no matter what you’re doing, you have no problem being motivated to run when a flying squid heads your way, but when it’s a chore that needs to be done it often feels like you’re frozen solid? What if you could trick your brain to get important things done?

This is where zombies shine – right in the vat of shimmering toxic ooze.

Whoops! Zombie attention span. Back to the topic: I can show you how to trick your brain to do what you want. Here’s how.

A Hovel Enterprise

Pro Tip
Bad puns are just a part of the zombie experience. Like most interactions with zombies you want to avoid, just sit real still and hope they don’t look your way.

The other day, I got a new staring square and yelling rocks for my hovel. Both were radioactive (what isn’t, right?) causing the square to glow and the rocks to crackle and hiss. I was so excited about them, I couldn’t wait to put them out.

I hung the staring square on the wall, but couldn’t figure out the best place to put the rocks. I had two shelves on each side of the square, so I put one rock on one and one on the other. First, I had a layer of dust, so I cleaned the dust. Then I rearranged the items on the shelves.

It looked so good and I was on fire!  I put myself out, then proceeded to do more!

Get A Head
Do not handle radioactive rocks for more than a few seconds, particularly if you’re highly combustible.

I cleaned the whole hovel, and fixed several things that were broken.

Trick Your Brain

When you’re excited about something, doing it can add more charge to your battery. You’ll have extra charge to carry you to the things you aren’t excited about but will be thrilled to have done.

Sometimes we need to rest. It recharges our batteries. Other times our batteries are charged by doing things we are excited about.

If you want to trick your brain to get things done, make it exciting, or, interweave exciting things into the work.

How to Trick Your Brain

If you have to go get food for the hovel and you aren’t very excited about it (“What? Brains again?”), you can plan to do something exciting after, like staring at things you would like to have.

Or you can just make boring things into things you like to do to begin with by making them exciting. Put on some music, preferably not Cyborg Technojazz Ballads.

Things I Like to Do
Zombies aren’t the only ones who make bad puns

Make the work a game. Make it a race. Make it fun. Find ways to change the way you look at it. Change chores into fun activities.

You can trick your brain to do what you want by making what you want exciting. You will be amazed at how much it changes your life.

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