Three Easy Ways to Get Healthy

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Pri' the zombie in the graveyard flexing her muscles

Do you struggle to get healthy? I’ve been there. It can be a challenge, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Here are three easy ways to get healthy.

Change Your Thinking

One of the biggest struggles people face when trying to get healthy is they want to do a 180 and immediately change from poor health habits to fit god or goddess. It’s a great dream, but painful to execute in real life.

Habits are big and unwieldy like a lumbering mutant. If one of those beasts ever tried to do a 180 their momentum would make them fall flat on their face. (Actually, I might just try to get them to do that the next time one’s chasing me or another zombie.)

Habits are quite similar. They grow over time and become huge and hard to control. When you try to do a 180 you often find yourself, like the lumbering mutant, flat on your face.

Instead of focusing on changing overnight, plan to change gradually. It’s easy to make small adjustments, plus they build over time. Once you change your thinking you can try these three easy ways to get healthy.

Three Easy Ways to Get Healthy

You want easy? We got easy! It’s time to stop making it difficult to get healthy. These simple tricks will help you build habits that will improve your health and make the changes stick.

  • Earn Your Food: Do you want a snack? No problem. You can have it. You just have to run in place 1 minute for it. This will help you learn to focus on activity first, and also make you realize how little you want some snacks.
  • Replace a Snack with Exercise: Try this: one time a day when you want a snack, simply run in place instead. Just do it one time. Easy, right?
  • Right Place/Right Size: There is a proximity effect with food: the closer it is, the more we eat. Put snacks at least one room away. Also, we tend to eat more, the more we have available, so don’t grab a bag of snacks; pour the snacks into an appropriately-size bowl.

Easy, right? Didn’t I say it would be? The more you do these three easy ways to get healthy consistently, not only will you find yourself thankful that building better habits is so easy, but you will start wanting to do more.

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