The World’s First Undead Band

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Three zombie and one giant two-headed zombie who are band members of Riff in Peace posing for a band photo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all the band members in a boy band were dead? No. Of course not. That’s a terrible comparison. I didn’t know how to introduce the world’s first undead band and it got away from me. What a horrible way to say that.

Well, wow! How do you recover from that? I, um, guess I just introduce us now.

Music to Raise the Dead

So, I’ve started a band with a few friends. We have Burb’lan on drums. I would have them introduce themselves but I really only let them talk when it’s about procrastination. Haha. Just kidding of course.

Then there is An’t on bass. An’t’s a crazy good bassist and a wonderful glow light for loading up band equipment in the dark.

I’m on guitar, and we have Cha’ana on vocals. Now, as you know, zombies can pretty much only say “brains”. It’s kind of our gig (not to be confused with the band’s next gig at B’iil’s House of Brains).

Luckily, DoC created a device that allowed me to put words to my thoughts for my upcoming video series Brains for Thought. With a little tweaking we were able to use it for Cha’ana’s vocals.

And so we created the world’s first undead band: Riff in Peace. And there’s more great news!

Grave Situation

We’re going to be releasing an album in just a few days entitled “Grave Situation”. It’s an EP that includes six rockin’ songs including one rock ballad about the joy of streaking

The Grave Situation album cover showing the band posing in the middle of a graveyard

You will be able to find it wherever fine music is sold. I think. I mean, if they let us in, how great can the music be… amirite?

Uh… I mean the album is awesome and we will be also releasing a music video. Why? Because we’re awesome. And someone found a cheap camera.

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