The Secret to the Best Daily Routine

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The Secret to the Best Daily Routine

People often ask me how I have the best daily routine. I guess it’s because I know a simple secret. It’s all in how you feed it.

My Famous Routine

Everyone loves my routine. In fact, this is the second time Yaki’s asked me to talk about my routine. The first time was when I shared the advantages and disadvantages of a daily routine.

I guess everyone wants a routine like mine – strong legs, broad wings, and a healthy beak. People say mine is the best daily routine around.

I mean, sure, all routines are daily. After all, as long as you feed them they stick around day after day. Still, I have a secret for having the best daily routine. The thing is that it’s so simple, when I tell people, they don’t believe me.

If you want to have an amazing routine, the trick is in how you feed it.

Never Starve a Routine

People want to have an amazing routine and yet they starve them day after day. The funny thing is, routines don’t require much food. You just have to feed them a little bit each day. Every day you feed them they get stronger. Every day you don’t, they get weaker.

This isn’t rocket science, not that I know what that is. DoC talks about it sometimes. I think it’s where people look at rocks a lot. It doesn’t really sound that fun.

Sorry. I got off track. I guess because, to me, the secret to the best daily routine is simple: never starve a routine. It’s better to feed it for a minute a day than to go without feeding it. Even feeding it for just a minute a day, every day, makes it part of a daily… what’s the word for that… habit, I guess.

To start a journey, you just take a step. To make a routine grow strong, you just feed it.

The Secret to the Best Daily Routine

You can have the best daily routine when you feed it every day no matter how little. If it feels like work, find ways to have fun with it, because having fun at work matters. The more you feed it, the stronger it becomes and the easier it is to feed it more.

Get A Head
The secret to the best daily routine is simple: feed it every day, no matter how small. That’s how they grow.

Help your own daily routine grow by feeding it every day, much like the key to building a habit. That’s all there is to it. Soon you will be amazed at how powerful your daily routine is.

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