The Power of Streaks

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The Power of Streaks

A lot of people dismiss streaks without ever understanding the innate benefits to having one. Those people miss out on the power of streaks.

The Strength of Streaks

Streaks are powerful. Most people don’t realize exactly how powerful they are. They see little baby streaks and think they’re so small and cute that they can’t picture them as large, overpowering streaks.

But when you keep a streak alive it grows. It evolves. Just like if you walk a minute a day for 3 months, you will probably be surprised to find that you’re actually spending 10 minutes a day and you’re jogging.

Streaks are like that. They get stronger over time. I’m not sure why I’m comparing walking and streaks, but I guess it just shows the power of streaks. It’s almost like a strong mental pull.

The Mental Pull of Streaks

There is something that drives you when you have a streak. It’s hard to compare… let me think.

Ah. Like this: imagine that you started walking yesterday. How driven will you be to walk today? Not much. Now imagine that you had walked every day for two years. How driven would you be to walk today? Chances are there will be two very strong driving forces: the habit that you’ve created and the desire to keep the… uh… what’s the word… the… chain of actions… alive.

Streaks are like that. They drive you to move forward. They have this weird mental pull that helps spur you forward. The bigger they get, the stronger the mental connection is.

The Power of Streaks

The power of streaks is like the secret to the best daily routine: they grow. As they grow they become stronger and more powerful with a strong mental connection that helps you do great things.

That’s why I love my streaks, and I feed them every single day.

Get A Head
The key to building a habit is simply doing it daily, no matter how small you make the task. It’s the act of doing it daily that will grow and make it a strong habit.

If you haven’t discovered the power of streaks, you probably need one. They’re powerful, fun, and amazingly helpful. Just take a step each day and feed them, and you’ll find out for yourself the power of streaks.

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