The Key to Success when You Feel Overwhelmed

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Ok'ln the zombie in a graveyard, running for his undeath from a flying squid

For most of us, we sometimes find it’s easy to get things done and sometimes it’s challenging particularly when it seems like there’s so much to do. Luckily we’ve discovered the key to success when you feel overwhelmed.

Flying Squids and Motivation

Have you ever tried to outrun a flying squid? It’s a challenge, but it can be done. In fact, a lot of people who find themselves being chased by a flying squid suddenly find the ability to move faster than they’ve ever thought possible.

Why? Because they’ve discovered the key to success when you feel overwhelmed. Okay, they really aren’t thinking about success so much as running for their lives, but that’s exactly why they are successful.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get moving when everything is begging for your attention, but how easy it is to get moving when an airborne cephalopod has you in its clutches.

I got him Word of the Daily toilet paper for the holidays and ever since he’s been kind of insufferable.

The thing is that the flying squid is providing you something that you really need that can make the new year come alive for you.

The Key to Success when You Feel Overwhelmed

The difference between you normally and you when you’re being chased by a bi-winged, tentacled monstrosity is that when you’re fleeing for your life, you tend to focus not on all the things you need to do, but on what you need to do next: live.

When your life isn’t on the line, suddenly all the things that need to be done are calling for your attention. It’s hard to listen to your brains to know what to do with all that mental chatter. The key to success when you feel overwhelmed is to focus not on everything that needs to be done, but only on the very next thing.

The reason you feel overwhelmed in the first place is because there’s so much to do. This often leads to an inability to move forward because we don’t know where to start or how to get it all done. When you simply start moving forward without thinking about anything but the thing in front of you, you feel superfluously magnanimous in your phenomenal ability.


Just focus on the next step. Don’t worry about everything; think about the one thing. That’s the key to success when you feel overwhelmed and a way to turn stagnation into triumph.

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