The Habit-Building Superpower

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Pri' the zombie on the reanimation table in DoC's lab as DoC the mad scientist prepares to reanimate her.

Are you struggling to build a strong habit? Then you need the habit-building superpower!

And you’re in luck! Today I’m giving them away for free!

DoC and the Dream Reanimator™

If you’ve spent any time improving your habit-building skills with Zombie Goals, then you know about DoC, the scientist that started it all, and the Dream Reanimator™, the device she created to not only make zombies come alive, but to implant the habit-building superpower into their minds.

If you’re not familiar, let me quickly catch you up to speed. A trans-dimensional anomaly opened a rift between our two versions of earth: your version and our post-apocalyptic version full of zombies, mutant creatures, and mad scientists. DoC found a way to use that anomaly to connect our worlds.

She’s working on a mechanism that will allow a link between people in your world and zombies in ours to help you build strong habits while helping zombies regain more control over their thoughts.

Part of that process she’s already perfected: the Dream Reanimator™. It brings victims of our world’s devastation back to life in the hopes of pursuing their dreams. The best part is that she uses it to infuse the habit-building superpower that changes the slog of building new habits into a dream.

The Super Way to Build Habits

Is there anything you find that you’re particularly good at? Me, I’m great at playing guitar. I love to play guitar. I consider myself a great guitar player. In fact, I even made an album with my band that you can find on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music.

However, I’m no good at needlepoint. If you asked me to do needlepoint, I’m not sure if I’d be interested. It’s just not something I consider myself good at or wanting to be good at.

However, if DoC hit me with the Dream Reanimator™ and set it to needlepoint, you’d better believe I’d be interested! Why? Because the Dream Reanimator™ creates  an identity. It tells you that you are a needlepoint enthusiast, or a guitarist, or a runner.

After all, if you believe yourself to be a runner, you will love to run. Having that as your identity makes it a part of who you are. Identity is the habit-building superpower

How It Works

Here’s the thing: when you believe you are a drummer, you drum. When you believe you are a jogger, you jog. When you believe you are a painter, you paint. That makes it much easier to build strong habits.

Anyone who’s proficient in any discipline – writing, painting, drawing, etc. – knows that we all start out terribly. Our first efforts are less than stellar. Talent is not something that’s inborn, it’s something that’s created over time. You have to keep doing something to get better at it, even when you feel overwhelmed. That’s why identify matters; it helps us do what we know we do, and the more we do, the better we get.

The better we get, the more we do. And the cycle continues. The more we do, the more we accept the identity. That’s why identity is the habit-building superpower.

A writer writes. A painter paints. A teacher teaches.

What do you want to do? It’s time for you to tell yourself who you really are with your habit-building superpower and become who you really want to be.

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