The Difference Between Passion and Talent

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The Difference between Passion and Talent

When Pri’ was first reanimated, she struggled to be energized by most things. It wasn’t until she discovered the difference between passion and talent that she began to embrace her new life. It wasn’t until she found a special third ingredient that she made her life amazing.

Understanding Passion

When Pri’ first reopened her eyes and saw the new world in front of her – which was basically the old world but with lots of craters and toxic ooze – she was a bit bewildered. Her old drives no longer appealed to her, and she didn’t know quite what to do. She was like a car without a working engine, or, as we call them in our post-apocalyptic world, a car.

She wasn’t passionate about anything, and wasn’t even sure what passion looked like. She wasn’t alone. A lot of zombies think that passion is simply being really excited about something. This is from the same group that growls loudly as they chase you, so… not the sharpest. Even some people don’t get it. Still, understanding passion is important for knowing the difference between passion and talent.

Passion is being completely absorbed with something. It means that you get lost in it so much you often don’t think of it as work and lose track of time as you do it. It’s immersive, much like the tank Pri’ was reanimated from.

Passion causes you to focus so much time and energy into something that you reach expert levels at it. Which may explain why Okl’n is so good at getting frozen… 

Understanding Talent

Passion may be misunderstood, but talent is probably more misunderstood. People think you are born with talent, or at least reanimated with it. They see people who are amazing at something and think they just started that way. What they don’t realize is those people were passionate about something from a young age and made their talent grow.

Talent is something that grows over time, like mushroom clouds and toxic ooze. Oh, and like that one zombie who fell in that irradiated vat of steroids. I’m not sure why mad scientists have vats of steroids, but then again I’m not really passionate about steroids, so who cares.

Now who were we talking about again? Pri’. Right. Pri’ had a lot to unlearn being freshly reanimated, and it took some time. She discovered the keys to overcoming negative habits and employed the keys to a positive mindset.

Pri’ really started to shine when she found something she really enjoyed doing, which was running. Sure, when she first started, she could barely walk, but her passion really improved her talent. Now she’s one of the few zombies who can actually break a brisk stumble.

Even though Pri’ was able to use passion to improve her talent, there’s more to the difference between passion and talent. She still needed one special ingredient.

Passion and Talent and…

People think when they are talented at something they want to focus their lives around it. Or they are passionate about something so they want to make that their life mission. The good news is that these two things are needed, but there is one missing ingredient.

The difference between passion and talent is important in understanding what both of them are, because both are needed. Passion drives us to become better. Talent (or skill) means that we have the ability to perform well and that will only grow over time.

There is one missing piece to the puzzle though. It’s the thing that changes something we’re good at from a hobby to something that can interest other people, improve the world, and benefit others. That’s value.

It’s one thing to be able to do something. It’s another to be able to do it well. It’s still another to make that action valuable to others. To be your most successful, you must find how to use your passion and skill to add value to other’s lives. You must find out where they are and what they need; then you can use your skills and talents to fill that need.

Filling a Need

Sure, Pri’ could have used her running to just enjoy running. There’s nothing wrong with that. At the same time, she was so excited about her running, that she wanted to use it to benefit others. So she began looking for ways to make her running add value.

She began running to distract lumbering mutants who were chasing down slow-moving zombies, or, as we call them, zombies. She ran errands to retrieve much needed compounds for mad scientists to reanimate fellow zombies. She once even ran in with a makeshift shield to protect a friend from a dive-bombing flying squid. She found the way to use her passion and talent to add value to those around her.

If you want to be a successful person, and build a future around what you enjoy doing, then understanding the difference between passion and talent will set you apart. Add value and you can change the world.

Get A Head
  • Passion: Being consumed with excitement to drive action
  • Talent (aka skill): Continual action that improves one’s skill
  • Value: Using skill to fill a need improves lives
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