The Best Part of Streaking

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A shirtless Burb'lan walking proud of himself as he's partially obscured from view by barrels as Yaki' and Cha'ana look on, mouths agape.

Successful people have found that the best way to be successful is to have easy, streaking fun. What you may not know is the best part of streaking.

Luckily I know and I’m excited to put it all out there for you.

It’s the Streaking

Most people don’t understand the power of streaks. Sure, they do something over and over to build a habit, and that’s amazing.

I mean, think about it: if you want to build a habit of exercising, all you have to do is walk a minute each day. Over time you change it to three minutes, then five. You start jogging, then running.

Eventually, you’re running twenty to thirty minutes a day and loving it. But it’s not the build up that gets you there. It’s the streaking.

It’s doing it day after day, every day. Sure, running 30 minutes a day is healthier than a one minute walk, but it’s the one minute walk that’s more powerful. Why? Because it’s so easy to do that you do it every day to build a habit. The habit is what’s most important and that’s where the streaking comes in.

It’s the streaking that makes it work. But the best part of streaking is something else entirely.

The Best Part of Streaking

If you’ve been a streaker for any length of time you know the secret that I’m talking about. Whether you’re resurrecting an old habit, getting in the habit of meeting more zombie friends or focusing on the secret to success, if you’re a streaker, you’ve found out the best part of streaking.

Sure, you build habits. Sure, you accomplish your goals. Sure, you make doing the right thing easy, but the best part of streaking is that streaking makes building habits fun! There is just something about finding a way to make the habits you want to build easy and fun that… well, makes building habits easy and fun.

If you’re not a streaker, what’s stopping you? It’s time to build a habit today. What’s a habit you want to build? Make it easy, streaking fun and start building it today.

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