The 3 Biggest Benefits of Having Fun at Work

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3 Biggest Benefits to Having Fun at Work

We know why fun at work matters, but have you ever wanted to know what the benefits are? You’re in luck! Here are the 3 biggest benefits of having fun at work.

Better Prospects

The third most important benefit of having fun at work is that your work prospects become better. This isn’t rocket science, which is good, because I don’t know what rocket science is. Or rockets. Or science.

I’m really not sure why I used that phrase to begin with. Weird.

If two people have to dig a ditch, which one is going to get more done, the one griping the whole time or the one whistling and having a blast?

Forget about even being productive, who would you rather work with, someone who gets their work done on time but is always cranky and complaining or someone who might be late every so often but is an absolute joy to work with?

If you want better prospects at work, enjoy what you do! After all, employees that stand out have fun.

Less Stress

The second biggest benefit of having fun at work is less stress. Who’s more stressed: the person who’s always griping and complaining or the person who’s always wearing a smile? The more fun you have, the less stress you have.

After all, it’s not muppet signs. Is that what I said before? It all kinds of sounds the same to me. Also, what’s a muppet?

I really don’t care. Why? I’m having fun! And you should too because the fun makes you less stressed.

Work Is… Well, Fun!

The best benefit of having fun at work? It’s fun! I mean come on: this isn’t murgle slime. Oh, wait… I do know what that is! It’s that glowy stuff that comes out of the big cans that makes your body tingle when you touch it and makes the mad scientists freak out in slow motion as the world starts to spin.

I’m sorry, what was I saying? Right: fun!

We know why most people hate work, and it’s not because it’s fun. It’s because it sucks. So which would you rather do: not have fun at work or have fun at work?

Get A Head
I mean, he’s right. Fun is better than no fun.

It’s not gurgle sinus. Just have fun!

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