Thankfulness Can Change Your Life

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thankfulness can change your life

My grandma used to tell me “brains! BRAINS!” She wasn’t the most eloquent, but I got her point. She was trying to tell me how thankfulness can change your life.

Every Day Thankfulness

The thing is that thankfulness has a lot of great benefits. It focuses us on what’s good. It focuses us on where we can succeed instead of where we think we have failed. It focuses us on tools we have, not on the things we lack.

Thankfulness can change your life just by thinking of five things you’re thankful for each morning to start your day right. It could be as simple as being thankful that you have running sludge or a nice hovel. It might be that you are thankful for a great job as a scarehuman.

Thankfulness can change your life with this simple approach, but can also play a huge part in seeing good wherever you go. 

The Good in the Bad

A lot of people see the negative in things. I get it. There’s a lot of negative to go around! After all, I live in a world with a big sea of toxic ooze that’s created a horde of toxic mutants.

But here’s the thing about bad things: there are often good things to appreciate from them. There’s a special shimmer that shines off the ooze at midnight that makes it looks like an emerald sea. And the toxic mutants do a really good job of keeping the ptero-pelicans from ptero-ing us a new one. 

😀 Anyone? Anyone? 

☹️ This is worse than open-mic night at “The Blank Stare”.

Thankfulness Can Change Your Life

If you want to live a happy undeath, then focus on thankfulness. Find out how to apply it in your daily life. Think of five things you are thankful for each day. Look for what to be thankful for in each sea of toxic ooze.

Life may not be perfect, but the more thankful we are for what we have, the better it seems.

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