Take Control of Your Life (and Have Fun Doing It)

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Take Control of Your Life

Have you ever felt like you were in a deep dream, held in a vat of near-electric, yet soothing, green, viscous ooze in preparation for reanimation? Me either. But for those zombies who have, they have learned a secret: how to take control of your life (and have fun doing it)!

Zombies vs. Zombies

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m such a brilliant, sophisticated, amazing, magnanimous, and (add your own flattering adjective here) zombie, it may be because I’ve been around awhile. It might also be a bit of post-reanimation narcissism, which is a term I made up because I’m brilliant.

See, I’ve been around since the apocalypse – the initial event that turned our world into a crater of it’s former self. The combination of the nuclear reaction, chemical atmosphere, and toxic soil reanimated a large number of zombies, myself included.

At the same time, many zombies, like Pri’ and Okl’n were actually expired. Mad scientists, like DoC, re-spired them. Re-pired them? Rexpired them?

Brought them back to life. 

It’s moments like this that make my narcissism short lived.

Retraining a Zombie

When a mad scientist reanimates a zombie, they have to relearn a lot. Sure, it’s a lot faster than starting from birth, but there’s still a lot to get the hang of. That’s why they take it slow.

At first, they have to do some initial work to get their muscles ready to go. Then they have to have them do small tasks. The more they do those small tasks, the more they can do bigger tasks.

Zombies are pretty much focused on one thing: Brains. To try to get them to focus on something else, like walking for instance, takes time. At first, the focus is on single steps, then on walking a few steps, then around the room. After awhile it just becomes natural.

You can use the same concepts to take control of your life. You can even make boring things into things you like to do. Here’s how.

How to Take Control of Your Life (and Have Fun Doing It)

To take control of your life, follow these three small steps to success. They’re easy enough a zombie could do it.

Let’s assume you wanted to start running, here’s the simple steps you could take.

Simple Steps
  • Make It Easy – Focus on something small, like running in place for one minute daily.
  • Do It Daily – Do it every day without fail.
  • Make It Fun – Watch TV, put on music, reward yourself, or count steps and try to improve.

If you want to know how to take control of your life, you do it in small steps, consistently, and make it fun and enjoyable. In fact, you can make them into fun things you do every day.

As these actions become habit, they grow, and you become more powerful and more capable. You might not ever get to bathe in reanimation gel, but if you follow these steps consistently, you won’t have to.

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