Take Action. Now.

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Take Action Now

Don’t let your dreams slip away by constantly putting them off until tomorrow. Take action now. Here’s how.

Bob the President, Business Owner, Assistant

Bob’s kind of a strange duck. He doesn’t always know what’s going on. He often finds himself thrown into a lake of toxic ooze. He typically comes in last in our recurring zombie runs.

At the same time, he’s constantly busy. And accomplished. He’s the assistant to DoC, our resident mad scientist, and the only one brave enough to play pranks on her. He owns his own business: the zombie comedy club “The Blank Stare”.

And he’s president. Since the apocalypse the remaining inhabitable land has been broken down into blast zones and he’s the president of ours.

So how did he do it? How did he become president, business owner, and assistant to a mad scientist? He came across a simple formula: take action now.

Creativity that Ships

A famous dude once said that innovation is creativity that ships. In other words, creativity is awesome, but you have to put feet on it, and not the kind that DoC digs up. When there’s something you want to accomplish in your life, you need to take action. Now. 

That’s what Bob did. When there was something he wanted, he just went for it. He didn’t hesitate or stop. He just took action. If you want to get the same results, just follow these simple steps.

First, make sure that the tasks you need to complete are simple. It’s much easier to write a paragraph than to write a book. Sure, you will get a book written if you keep writing paragraphs, but thinking about writing a whole book will make you want to run away where thinking about writing a paragraph makes you ready to jump in.

Secondly, make it fun. If you have to shovel the nuclear ash off your walkway, play some tunes that get you energized. If you need to organize your hovel, make it a game or a race.

Finally, take action now. Don’t delay. Count down from 5 and when you hit 1 have your feet on the ground and get ready to work.

Take Action Now

If you want to enjoy a life full of the things that get you thrilled about life, you need to take action. Just follow these three simple steps.

Small Steps
  1. Make it Simple: Break your actions down to simple tasks.
  2. Find the Fun: Find ways to inject fun and have rewards.
  3. Take Action: Do it. Count down from 5 and get moving.

If Bob can be president, you can make your dreams come alive. What are you waiting for? Take action now!

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