Success Is for Everyone

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Success Is for Everyone

I’ve seen a lot of things for as long as I’ve been around, both good and bad. I’ve also seen a lot of zombies do amazing things. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since becoming a zombie, it’s this: success is for everyone.

If that’s true for zombies, it’s true for you.

Talent Is Learned

I know in your reality some people think that you’re born with talent. Other people think that talent is something you acquire and some people, like this dude you have made from tigers and trees, just start at an early age.

Your reality is difficult for us to wrap our brains around sometimes. Some dude who’s made from trees and cats is famous for how well he hits rocks with sticks? Your reality is weird.

What I can say from being basically immortal is that once zombies get past the initial shock of being reanimated, we pretty much relearn everything. The more time we put into something, the better we get. There’s even some dude that says you put 10,000 hours into something and you become an expert. He should know, because he’s said that 10,000 times.

The thing is that success is for everyone. We all can learn talent by improving over time. Amazing artists don’t start out amazing. They start out just like the rest of us: saying brains all the time and chasing people. Over time, however, the longer they work at it, the better they get.

Which goes to show that the more time you put into what you enjoy the better life is.

Success Is Discovery

It didn’t take long for Bob to discover what he enjoyed doing, because he loves everything. That’s why he does everything. He just enjoys doing things and being around people. That’s what makes him successful.

Not everyone is that way, however. Some things zap our energy and some things feed it into us, like one of DoC’s reanimation machines. Finding the things that energize us is part of becoming successful. The more we gravitate toward those things, the more successful we become.

Do you enjoy talking with people? How can you do more of that in your daily work to accomplish your tasks? Do you like working with your hands? What ways can you incorporate that in your day to make yourself more productive? Do you love dreaming up new ideas? How can you use that to change your life and change your future?

Success is for everyone and understanding what makes you most successful takes discovery, but once you find it, you can make your world better, particularly if you focus on possibilities.

Intelligent Positivity Empowers

There are people who look at problems and stop and people who see possibilities and roll right over the problems. Success requires a mindset that does the latter.

Using the 3 keys to a positive mindset is what helped me escape a flying squid and a scorse. Positivity can turn a bad situation into one you can easily overcome.

That doesn’t mean that you just are blindly optimistic. It simply means that you focus on finding solutions and believing you can accomplish your goals instead of focusing on problems and failures.

It’s that kind of intelligent positivity that supercharges success. It looks at a mound of rocks in your way and sees fun making them into path stones. It’s blending intelligence and success to find solutions through creativity.

It’s one of the keys to accomplishing what you want and shows why success is for everyone.

Success Is for Everyone

The thing is that success is for everyone if you remember these three simple truths:

Simple Steps
  • Talent Is Learned: Everyone has amazing reservoirs of untapped potential
  • Success Is Discovery: We achieve our best by discovering our drives that ignite passion into action
  • Intelligent Positivity Empowers: Positivity grounded in truth supercharges success

Remember that fun drives success, and apply these principles to make your life into what you want it to be.

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