Self Improvement One Day at a Time

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Self Improvement One Day At a Time

If you want to improve your life, or in my case your undeath, the best approach is simple: self improvement one day at a time.

Daily Brains

I love my Apo* Watch. It tracks my brains.

Just to be clear, everything is “brains” with zombies. Whenever we open our mouths, it’s “brains” this and “brains” that. It’s like the Smurfs, except a little more coherent.

However in this case, it really is tracking my brains. I guess I didn’t need to throw out that disclaimer. Zombie brain fog is real, but I’ve been able to make it better with self improvement one day at a time.

My Brains

I make sure I get enough brains everyday. I don’t mean that I ingest them. (I’m on a strictly mutant-plant-based diet, after all). I mean, I do my brain exercises to really try to improve my mental cognition.

It’s really helped. As you can see, I can type out my thoughts moderately clearly. Sadly, I still can only say “brains”, although the other day I said, “Brian,” which was a huge triumph and also a colossal fluster muck as Bri’an happened to be nearby, heard his name and followed me the rest of the day lumbering about like – well, like a zombie.

How did I do it? No, I don’t mean how did I get Bri’an’s attention. I mean how did I clear up my mind? With self improvement one day at a time. Here’s how.

My Apo Watch and Me

Five and a half years ago I got my first Apo Watch. It helped me track everything. One thing it helped me track was my daily brain exercises. At that time I was just thrilled with the shiny screen, but it helped me focus my attention each day.

Before I knew it, I had done a week. Of course I didn’t know it. I was still in a mental fog. But as time progressed, things became clearer and clearer. My streak grew and grew. First a week, then a month, then a year.

Now I have 2,000 days of daily brain focus.

That’s how you make progress – not with huge, one-off changes, but with small changes over time.

Get A Head
Success is about consistency. Don’t focus on making big sweeping resolutions, but on small changes you do consistently without fail.

Self Improvement One Day at a Time

If you want to change your life, don’t try to do it overnight. Don’t go for big changes and try to slay Goliath.

Habits are like Muffalo (monkey/buffalo hybrids, of course). You might be able to make them walk for a mile, but they will eventually migrate back to where they were comfortable.

Instead, move them a foot at a time, preferably with something that makes it fun for them – like a grass-covered banana. They will never notice the move. Do this every day and before you know it, you’ve relocated them so they don’t fling cowpies at your hovel.

Okay, that may not be a perfect analogy, but I haven’t done my brains for today. Let me just leave you with this to change your life with self improvement one day at a time.

Small Steps
  • Keep it Small: Keep the task small enough it feels easily doable
  • Do it Daily: Do the task every day without fail
  • Upgrade Over Time: Every 2-3 months decide if you want to increase the task

*Apo is the trendy new name for the Post-Apocalyptic Company. First they changed to Post-Apo, as most of their customer struggled to call it anything other than “brains” anyway. Finally, they ended on Apo… which most still pronounce “brains”. They have a really cool logo though.

Apo Logo
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