The World’s First Undead Band

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Music to Raise the Dead
When the sky was throwing rocks at us from another post-apocalyptic explosion, we took that as a sign that it’s time to rock!

I mean, we probably shouldn’t have. We probably should have run for cover, but when the sky is throwing rocks at you, you tend to not make the best decisions. And you tend to repeat yourself.

Riff in Peace is the worlds first all zombie, one two-headed clone band. Sure, there have been several bands where someone in the crew wasn’t fully alive, but we’re completely undead. And we rock!

Have I told you the story about the rocks in the sky yet? Forget it. It doesn’t matter. Just check out our video and our music, and if your feet aren’t tapping and your pulse isn’t elevated… well, you just might be one of us.
Reawaken Your Musical Excitement
The Grave Situation album cover showing the band posing in the middle of a graveyard
Riff in Peace
Zombie Goals
Dream Reanimator
Brains For Thought
Zombie Aweventure
I Love Streaking with You
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