Need Something Exciting to Do?

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Need Something Exciting to Do

Do you need something exciting to do today? I have good news. There’s an easy way to find something exciting to do and make the most of it.

Excitement without all The Poison

There are some zombies around here that are excitement junkies. They will do whatever it takes to blow things up – including literally blowing things up. Luckily, zombies are not really explosives experts, so they really don’t have the skill to make that happen.

That doesn’t stop them from doing other dangerous things. Sometimes they will go out and find scorses (scorpion-tailed horses) to taunt just for the thrill.

There’s a better way to find something exciting to do and build excitement into your day. It’s something that’s scorse-free. If you want to have something exciting to do, follow this simple plan.

Anticipation, Focus, and Fun

Now, there’s a way to trick your brain into doing what you don’t want to do, but this is about how to trick your brain to do what you want to do. To do that, plan ahead.

The best way to have something exciting to do tomorrow, is to start today. First, think of what creative activity you really get excited about and sit for about 3 minutes just thinking about the possibilities. This will help you build a strong idea of what you can do, and it’s a great plan for how to love work.

Next, put this item on your to do list and get excited about it. Make it the top priority that your day centers around. Find ways to make it extra fun, like how to change chores into fun activities. If it’s painting, plan a music playlist. If it’s carpentry, think of some unique staining approaches you can make. Build anticipation for the project.

What exactly is cipation and why are people so opposed to it?

Focus your excitement on what you’re going to create and get revved up.

The second part is dealing with distraction.

Dealing with Distraction

When you have something exciting to do, you need to put your todo list focus on that item. Make sure secondary items feel secondary. Give them time limits. Do what it takes to make them feel easy and short lived.

For all tasks, focus on the part you need to do, not the whole task.

If I think about all my exercise time I struggle. It’s 1 hour and 15 minutes: 10-15 for lifting toxic waste drums, 30 minutes of cardio running from lumbering mutants, then 15 minutes of bathing in toxic ooze and 15 minutes of personal hi-gene. That’s where I say “Hi” to all the genes I have that still seem normal.

When I focus on the separate tasks, it goes much better. I can listen to the crows cawing to get me motivated for the lifting and it becomes easy. Before I know it, I’m running for my life from the mutants. It doesn’t take long before I’m in Larry Lake, cleaning off.

Something Exciting to Do

If you want to turn your day into something exciting to do, then follow these small steps to success:

Simple Steps
  • Build Up: Plan ahead, build anticipation, make it fun
  • Remove Distractions: Find ways to remove, complete, or downsize other tasks
  • Break It Down: Break down tasks into small, bite-sized chunks

It’s a great day to plan something exciting to do. Find something great, and have a blast with it!

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