Meet the Person behind Zombie Goals

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A silhouette of DoC, the mad scientist

So you’re amazed at the fact that a game can help you build great habits, and you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy. Now you must be wondering, who dreamed this up? It’s time you meet the person behind Zombie Goals.

How DoC Changed My Life

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up, bleary-eyed, sick of the humdrum madness and you just grab a pile of plant-based brains, fend off some blood sucking chipmunk bats, and head off to meander about aimlessly?

Me too. Like.. nearly everyday… before I met DoC.

DoC is our resident mad scientist. It seems like you’re either a zombie or a mad scientist around here. Between the two of us, I’m not sure who drew the short straw.

Sure, she’s super smart and creative and she developed a lot of the technology that changed our world from a post-apocalyptic hellscape to a post-apocalyptic heckscape. At the same time, she also seems a little… over zealous maybe? It’s just that there’s a disconcerting look she gets at times… Bah. Maybe I’m just overthinking.

Let’s just meet the person behind Zombie Goals, because she’s changed a lot. First. Let me tell you how she created Zombie Goals.

How She Created Zombie Goals

If you’re asking, “what is Zombie Goals?” let me tell you. About a year ago a rift opened between your world and ours. We basically live in the same world except for the fact that many years ago the wrong person pushed the wrong button at the wrong time. Now everything’s toxic, mutated, or just plain frightening. We’ve learned to adjust, and DoC has helped us make the most of it (we even have the world’s first undead band!)

Still, it’s difficult for zombies to focus and DoC saw that as a real challenge. I don’t know what made her so determined but I’ve never seen someone so intent on helping get a group of people under control. She’s such an altruistic person.

Anyway, she has been working on a way to link zombies here with people there through this thing called an app. If you’ve been wondering how does Zombie Goals work, this is it. Evidently it helps people build strong habits at the same time it helps zombies becomes more able to control themselves fully.

It’s a win-win for everyone, and I can’t see any downside to someone having the ability to control hordes of zombies with a simple device. We’re so lucky to have someone like DoC so ready to help others with no underlying ulterior motives.

Now that you know DoC, it’s time to meet her.

Meet the Person Behind Zombie Goals

See, the best part of this whole situation is that DoC’s been working on various technologies to connect our worlds. As you may recall, the rift scrambles the streams between our worlds so DoC has to create a facsimile of the world that she transmits.

She’s been tweaking over time to bring it closer and closer to reality. Are you ready to meet the person behind Zombie Goals? Here she is, as she’s changed from simple transmitted drawings to more improved scans and modeling.

What’s even more exciting is that DoC will be your guide as you use the Zombie Goals app. She will lead you through the process to build strong habits with your linked zombie companion. You can build strong habits just by playing a game!

Stay informed as DoC improves the technology and gets the app closer to release. Click the button below to stay informed and receive a free in-game item just for becoming an honorary zombie. It’s free, so click away!

Do you feel your dreams have died? Did you bury your goals long ago? Are your aspirations six feet under? Reanimate your dreams with Zombie Goals!

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