Make the New Year Come Alive

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A zombie hand coming out ofd the ground.

As the holidays end and the old year passes away, it gives us a great opportunity to make the new year come alive. The trick is to get past the beasts that want to stop you.

Boss Battles

If you’ve ever come across a frost monster or a scorse (scorpion-tailed horse… I mean, we weren’t going to call it a horpion) you know there are mutant creatures that scare you and then there are big beasties that scare the pants off you. Literally.

These beasts are ferocious. I mean, look at the frost monster. Not only does he throw ice boulders and freeze his victims with frost breath, he also towers over them.

Look at what he did to Okl’n and Pri’ as they were simply trying to get a little workout in.

The thing is, life is often like a frost monster. You’re just going about your business and something huge blocks your way. If you try to move, you get frozen in your tracks.

That’s what makes this moment such a great one: it’s a fresh chance to make the new year come alive.

Thawing Out

The New year makes it as if the ice never happened. You start with a clean slate. It’s like thawing out all the habits you wanted to improve.

So you didn’t listen to your brains and ended up not running at all last year? Then you have a brand new year to run all you want!

So you wanted to eat better last year (like following the three easy ways to get healthy), but you didn’t do as well as you’d like. You can eat better now. You can make the new year come alive just by acting as if this is the way you always did things.

Simply act as if you’d been doing it all along, then continue doing it.

You have a clean slate. And, more than likely, you have pants. You’re already doing great! Now, just continue to be the person you want to be, pants and all, and watch what happens as you make the new year come alive.

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