Listen to Your Brains

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Yaki' the Zombie in a foggy graveyard holding a brain to his right ear

Do you ever sit and stew with two choices and wonder what the best thing to do is? Sometimes you just need to listen to your brains — your sweet, sweet brains.

Being Pulled in Several Directions

Life is crazy. Sometimes the things that seem the most risky are the best choices, like getting a lumbering mutant to chase you at planting time so the moss falls off their backs and fertilizes the soil.

Sometimes the things that seem the safest, like picking fruit off a tree, turn out to be terribly dangerous, particularly when you realize it’s not a tree at all, but some leafy monstrosity that’s not fond of having you yank on its anatomy.

At the same time, more often than not, the risky things are just plain risky and the safe things are typically safe. It all seems so difficult to decipher, so how do you know what to do?

The simple answer: listen to your brains — those decadent, savory brains.

The Value of Brains (Other than Nutrition)

The thing about brains is that they are actually tasty for a reason: they’re really smart. The more we make decisions and see the outcome, they better they get at making better decisions.

That’s not to say they are perfect, but that is to say they get better over time. Too often we dismiss warning signs or decide against an opportunity because it seems risky, but the better you listen to your brains, the more you hear the alarm bells and see the possibilities.

Make sure you take time to really listen to your brains. Don’t just dismiss something because that’s what you’ve been told you should. What does your brain say?

Similarly, just because everyone is going down a dark and foreboding road, don’t just follow along. What does your brain say? Find a healthy balance, and you may find just how thankful you are for listening to your brain.

Be sure and listen to your brains, otherwise all they’re good for is someone else’s snack.

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