Killing off Thursdays (and Resurrecting Them)

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Yaki' the zombie looking at a speech bubble that says "Brains for Thought"

Have you ever noticed how the end of the week just seems dead? Like you are dragging about at the beginning of the week, but by the time you reach the end, you’re barely alive? That’s why we’re killing off Thursdays (and resurrecting them).

Why? I don’t know. Oh wait. I do. I’m just building suspense.

I’m a Zombie

Okay, I get it. You’re reading this with its somewhat macabre imagery and mysterious tone and you’re thinking, “what in the hell?” (or, more accurately, post-apocalyptic hellscape, but let’s not split hairs). Why am I talking like this and dragging this out?

Because I’m a zombie and that’s what we do. It’s definitely the only reason. It’s most certainly not because I’m kind of on a brain cleanse and things are getting foggy, and it’s definitely not because I’m old.

Like over a hundred years old. He has his own brand of dust.

I’m simply trying to build mystery, and draft up some dark and ominous imagery to match the…

Oh, that’s it. I remember now: we’re killing off Thursdays and resurrecting them.

More than Just Brains

Oh, this is so cool! I can’t wait to tell you. I know, based on the start of this post you wouldn’t think but… right, right, I’m doing it again.

Where was I? Oh right! Thursdays.

See, the thing is that, as you know, as zombies we have a vocabulary of… well, really only one word: brains. It’s been a pretty limiting factor in face-to-face communications. We have a lot of great thoughts, but no way to vocalize them.

Luckily, we have no problem expressing ourselves through written word. It’s how I’ve been able to share great blog posts like You Can’t Have Success without This or Running from Problems. Unfortunately, that’s been our only zombie-to-human method of communication.

Until now.

Killing off Thursdays (and Resurrecting Them)

I’m thrilled to announce that our resident mad scientist DoC has created a device she’s dubbed the Wordinator. I don’t know all the scientific mumbo jumbo, I just know that it takes what a zombie is thinking and translates it to speech.

So, I am creating a video series where my thoughts are translated to an onscreen avatar of… well, me. It’s called Brains for Thought and it will present new ideas two Thursdays a month.

To make room in our schedule for the increased production of the video series, I’m going to be killing off my Thursday posts and instead using that time to create my alternating Thursday videos! Don’t worry: we’ve been creating an unstoppable streak with our Tuesday blog posts and we will continue, but now we will have videos on alternating Thursdays!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will be able to see all of our exciting Brains for Thoughts videos starting with our premiere episode on October 7th. Don’t miss it!

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