Keep the Streak Alive

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Keep the Streak Alive

If you’ve ever wanted to succeed at raising a slash-tailed streak, you know that the most important thing to do is keep the streak alive.

Being a Successful Streak Companion

The slash-tailed streak is an amazing creature. It’s one of the few creatures that doesn’t try to sting, drop, throw, or experiment on zombies. It’s just a fun companion for those that have one.

The best part about streaks is how successful they make you. The more you keep your streak fed, the more you seem to get done. It’s kind of crazy that way.

What’s more, the fact that they grow a little larger each day makes them even more powerful. That’s why when you have a streak that’s been alive awhile and is really big, it seems almost impossible to not keep the streak alive.

Although you have to feed a streak each and every day to make it grow, the most miraculous trait the streak has is its ability to regenerate after not being fed. If you skip a day, the streak will shrink to its original size. If you start to feed it again days after not feeding it, it will start growing all over again.

The only downside is that it’s simply only as powerful as the number of days it’s been fed. The more you feed it each and every day, the more powerful it is. That’s why it’s crazy important to keep the streak alive.

The Value of a Powerful Streak

The reason you want to keep your streak alive is because it’s not only powerful, but it can feed itself. When a streak is young, it requires a lot of work and effort to feed it. You have to really fight your urge to just give up. You have to work hard, put effort into the formation of good habits, and change your daily routine – something that every one of us struggles with.

But as you continue to feed your streak each day, it becomes easier. It’s almost as if there’s a mental link making the actions more and more effortless. It becomes habit. Caring for the streak becomes a part of who you are.

And the streak makes you more powerful. It has a weird, inexplicable way of motivating you, making you feel more confident, and energizing you. The more powerful it becomes, the more powerful you become as it unlocks the key to motivation within you.

It also provides focus. It helps you focus on what you do and what it takes to care for a streak. There are often way too many things vying for your attention and having too many choices is a bad thing. Focusing on caring for your streak will help you stay on track.

For these and other reasons, you must keep the streak alive.

Keep the Streak Alive

When you first feed a streak, you’re fighting against your own nature. You’re doing things you don’t normally do. You’re adding time and effort to your day.

When you keep the streak alive, you maximize its power and effect. You make it easier and easier to care for each and every day. You make it grow bigger and stronger with every day it stays alive.

When you keep the streak alive, you avoid going back to that starting position all over again. You avoid losing all that power. You make your streak a powerful ally.

Go out there and find a streak that you want to care for. Work hard to make that streak grow. Then keep the streak alive. It will make your life so much more rewarding.

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