The Importance of Simplicity

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The Importance of Simplicity

As difficult as it is being a zombie, it’s definitely shown me the importance of simplicity. That and how to avoid goats – those freaky things.

The Challenges of Being a Zombie

Being a zombie can be challenging. There are always things to shamble away from, there’s only one item on the menu, and there’s simply living in a toxic wasteland. It’s exhausting.

At the same time, it’s simple. Pre-apocalypse life was easy, and yet I was always rushing about. I felt like I always had to be somewhere doing something. I had to juggle five things at once just to get practice juggling six things at once. Between all the advantages and disadvantages of a daily routine, all it seemed I had were disadvantages. I had everything I could want, and all I wanted was more.

Becoming a zombie changed me in more than the obvious ways. Sure, life is more challenging, but it’s simpler. In a lot of ways it’s better. There’s less distraction and more time to be focused right where you are, particularly if right where you are is in front of a flying squid.

Becoming a zombie was a difficult process, but it taught me the importance of simplicity. Before, I had it all, and felt I had nothing. Now I have nothing and feel like I have it all.

The Importance of Simplicity

You don’t have to be a zombie to appreciate a simple life. You simply have to let go of the things that are keeping you captive. There are so many ways I used to think life had a hold on me, only to find I was the one holding on.

Just like when Bob grabs a whole bunch of treats in a jar and can’t get his hand out, we often don’t realize that we’re the reason we’re stuck. We feel we have to be a part of a million things. Complexity has choked out happiness, but just like with single choice vs multiple choice often the simple option is better.

When you discover the importance of simplicity, you can enjoy life, even when it’s challenging. It’s more important to focus on how to make things fun than it is to focus on living a life you don’t enjoy. You don’t have to be rich, powerful, or famous. You just have to be content.

Get A Head
Don’t focus on status markers in life. Don’t have a goal of being rich, powerful, or famous in order to be fulfilled. Focus on being fulfilled, then choose the right path of fulfillment.

And one more thing… if you see a goat, run. Those things are freaky.

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