How to Make Boring Things into Things I Like to Do

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Things I Like to Do

Sometimes we have to do things that bore us to death (or, in our case, undeath). It doesn’t have to be that way. I have discovered how to make boring things into things I like to do.

You can do it too.

Boredom Started the Apocalypse

Boring things suck, much like a flying squid that’s landed on your head. I don’t know if they like brains as much as we do or if if they think we’re big lollipops, but it’s messed up either way.

There are things I like to do and being bored is not one of them. I don’t think it’s anyone’s favorite. The thing is when we’re bored, we avoid what we’re doing, or we end up doing things half-heartedly.

Get A Head
Being bored is one of those things that demotivates us and…

Yeah, forget it. This callout is Snoozeville.
Small Steps
Snoozeville is quite a nice little place. It’s a quaint, peaceful, and quiet little village where some chemical reactant caused all the residents to be perpetually asleep.

It’s also what we call stuff that’s boring.

The rumor is that the apocalypse happened because someone at the nuclear controls was bored and absent-mindedly pushed the “start an apocalypse” button. Of course boredom was probably why the button was created in the first place.

The Problem with Boring Things

I have to say, there’s some good and some bad with the nuclear apocalypse. Immortality – good. Flying squids – bad. 

Of course, one of the worst parts about the apocalypse is what it did to our timeline. Since the climate was already destroyed, cyborg Al Gore had way too much free time on his hands and created a bunch of techno jazz CDs.

You think Climate Change is bad? Try spending five minutes listening to a cyborg play love songs through jazz using terrible puns. Al Gore Rhythms? God help us.

The thing is that just like the guy with the button who caused the chain reaction that led to cyborg jazz, boredom has a way of putting us off our game where we make bad decisions.

Once I realized this truth I looked for a solution and eventually I discovered how to make boring things into things I like to do. Here’s how.

How to Make Boring Things into Things You like to Do

If you want to avoid creating the next terrible jazz CD, then follow these three simple steps to make boring things into things you like to do.

Simple Steps
  • Break Tasks Down: Often boredom comes from complexity. Breaking tasks down helps.
  • Make it Simple: Simple tasks are easier to perform and complete, adding momentum.
  • Make it Fun: Add rewards, imagination, and wow, to make things fun.

There are a lot of ways to make tasks fun by making it a game, making it a race, or even just adding a lot of imagination.

For instance, have you tried narrating your tasks as if you were a sports announcer? Have you tried imagining that getting your tasks done will be the thing that keeps you from causing a nuclear apocalypse, because that could happen. (Sadly, still only the second worst thing to happen from that action):

Things I Like to Do

I have found how to make boring things into things I like to do. If you follow these simple steps, you can do the same. It can make your day more exciting, fun, and valuable, and it can keep your world cyborg jazz free.

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