How to Get Motivated to Work

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How to Get Motivated to Work

Whenever I look at our resident mad scientist DoC, I’m impressed. She’s always excited about her job. She’s always anxiously rubbing her hands together with a crazy grin on her face as she digs up another body to reanimate. She definitely knows how to get motivated to work.

After watching her over time, I think I’ve found the three tricks she uses to be so excited. Most of them involve corpses, but I can dig it.

Dig it? Get it? 

You’re right. It’s too easy. I felt dirty after I said it.

DoC’s Desire to Work

DoC loves to work. I mean she absolutely loves it. Her days are filled with crazed cackling, over-stimulated giggling, wide-eyed hand rubbing, and goat sniffing. I’m not really sure what that one’s about.

I’m not sure why she’s so excited about reanimating corpses, but she just loves her work. She loves it so much, she creates several zombies a week. It’s just amazing to watch, and every time she does it she’s so excited she laughs and laughs and laughs. All by herself even. That’s excitement!

I think DoC is a perfect example of how to get motivated to work. After all, she used to be really unhappy before she became a mad scientist.

DoC’s Childhood

DoC’s just a normal human. She ages and lives off crazy human food. If she loses an arm she hasn’t gained a backscratcher; she would start a chain reaction of events that could lead to loss of consciousness, infection, toxic poisoning, or other things her frail body couldn’t take. Humans are weird.

As she grew up, she was shy, skittish, and scared. It seemed like everything in this post-apocalyptic world could do her in. Every time a lumbering mutant headed her way or vampire monks chased her, it would only reinforce the fact that she was fragile.

Pro Tip
Scorses (scorpion-tailed horses) are both swift and terrifying, but for some reason only attack the undead. To humans they’re as sweet and cuddly as a six-legged cobra, and we all know how cute they are, post-apocalyptic version of earth or not, amirite?
Mutant Cobra

DoC’s Transformation

DoC lived a childhood filled with tears. I know. I saw it. To me, it was just another day in my immortal life. To her, it was a different phase in her development. One many years past that’s scarred her and left her with a strong desire to work.

Once she realized that she could reanimate dead things, the fire in her eyes grew. The more she did it, the bigger the fire grew. I assume it still has, but ever since she donned those goggles, no one has seen her without them.

We often joke as if she’s trying to hide something with them. I know one thing for sure: she’s not hiding any secrets for how to get motivated to work. Even if she has, I’ve found them out.

DoC’s Secrets for How to Get Motivated to Work

From what I’ve witnessed, DoC has three main things that get her motivated to work. Luckily, I’ve not only witnessed her as she whistles while digging up bodies, I’ve been fortunate enough to see her in the lab, bringing them to life.

(My friend Bob works for her and sometimes invites me on his shift. It’s one of his many jobs including working at The Blank Stare, our local zombie comedy club, and being president of our blast zone. You can get a lot done when you don’t need to sleep. In Bob’s case, you can stand around doing absolutely nothing of value a long time when you don’t need to sleep.)

If you ever feel lazy or unmotivated to work, then pay attention to these three ways I’ve recorded for how to get motivated to work from watching DoC. Here they are:

  • Understand Your Purpose: As energized as DoC gets about reanimating the dead, she must have some big plan. It’s what drives her. Sure you dig ditches all day, and you hate doing it. Who wouldn’t? People who see the bigger picture. Perhaps those ditches will be filled with pipes that bring toxic ooze to people in need (or that clear liquid you human’s like). Maybe it will be used to make a moat to keep people from being attacked by mutant gophers. Understanding how what you do factors in to making a better world makes work more rewarding.
  • Enjoy Your Work: DoC loves what she does. She likes it so much that I’d worry about her mental state, if I didn’t know better. She really is excited about what she has planned. For you, there are two ways to enjoy your work. First, find work that really excites you like DoC. Gravitate toward it. Do it when you can to pick up your spirits. Then, when you’re doing work you don’t necessarily enjoy, find ways to make it more fun. Listen to music, make a game out of it, or find other ways to make it exciting.
  • Reward Yourself: The last secret for how to get motivated to work is to reward yourself. I feel like that’s what DoC’s booming laugh is all about. Every time she reanimates yet another body, she cackles loudly, filling the hall with an almost insane level of laughter. She loves her work. Find your own rewards to look forward to for completing a task and your task will be that much easier.

How to Get Motivated to Work

If you want to be like DoC and be excited about work, do these three simple steps.

Simple Steps
  • Understand Your Purpose: When your work matters, it’s more inspiring.
  • Enjoy Your Work: Gravitate to work that excites you or add excitement to your work.
  • Reward Yourself: Find ways to enhance your experience for completing a task.

Sure, you may not be digging up bodies, building contraptions, reanimating corpses, or coming up with a line of goat shampoo in your spare time, (Oh!! That explains the sniffing!!) but you can still find out how to get motivated to work with these three steps. Try them out and find out what excitement you can find every day.

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