Have Fun in Life

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Have Fun in Life

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Are you living? Must be nice. Some of us… not so much. So don’t waste it being bored. Have fun in Life.

My Big Spiel

So, here’s my big spiel. It’s a bit on the dark side. Honestly, it just goes around in a big circle and it’s kind of empty in the middle.

I’m not even sure why we call them spiels. They’re just these big, black round things that you can find all over in our post-apocalyptic world. I’m not sure what they are. They look like those things we found on those glass/metal boxes, but they’re huge!

That’s the thing about zombies. We don’t care. See, these are just fun. We can shamble around them, jump on them, or even hide from flying squids in them. That’s what zombies do. We look at how to have fun in life. Well, in undeath.

Why? We’re already dead. Why not?

Where’s Your Fun

This is what I hear from your reality: you living types don’t always have that much fun. You are always doing things in the hope one day it will lead to fun. Why?

Why not have fun in life? Why not do things that are fun? Why not take the things you do and make them fun? After all, fun drives success.

Speaking of driving, I’ve heard a rumor that people used to sit in those glass and metal boxes for several hours a week just to go do something they didn’t like for most of the day, for the hope that they could have fun one or two days a week.

Can someone explain that to me? Honestly that sounds like zombie behavior to me. Maybe we’re not that different.

Have Fun in Life

If you ask me, single choice vs multiple choice or not, if you’re not having fun, why are you doing it? That’s not to say that you should only do things that you want, but you should at least enjoy what you’re doing. Enjoy the joy of living!

Get A Head
Sometimes the best way to get ahead is to focus on enjoying where you are.

Have fun in life. Don’t spend so much time working for “someday” when you can have fun. Experience the importance of simplicity, by simply having fun now.

Have fun in life. Otherwise, who’s the real zombie?

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