Happy Christmas Eve

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happy Christmas Eve

It’s been a crazy year. That’s pretty much because every year here with toxic lakes, gopher-birds, vampire monks, and scorpion horses is a crazy year. Hopefully the year in your dimension has been a positive one free of any worldwide catastrophes or radical groups. More importantly, from us here on our earth to those of you on yours, have a Happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas.

Enjoying However You Celebrate

We understand everyone is different and celebrates the holidays differently. In fact, over here both Pri’ and Okl’n celebrate differently, and Bob… I don’t think Bob understands how to celebrate, or what celebrating is. Or what he is.

If you celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a Happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas, and if you celebrate something else, we hope you have enjoyed it, do enjoy it, will enjoy it, or simply soldier through if you’re celebrating with lumbering mutants.

A Simple Holiday Thought

As you have a Happy Christmas Eve or whatever you enjoy, consider this: this is a great time of year to find a way to make someone’s world better. It’s a time we slow down, whether or not we’re being weighed down by SOCs, and take inventory of what really matters.

Pro Tip
People are what really matters. Just throwing a softball there for no particular reason and definitely not because I really got torn a new one a few years ago for getting it wrong.

Have a wonderful holiday season. If you celebrate Christmas, have a Happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas. Whatever you celebrate, take the time to slow down and enjoy the holidays with the people that are most important to you.

It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the holiday season. It’s an even better time to tell the people that matter most to you how important they are.

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