Good Habits for Students

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Good Habits for Students Good Habits for Students

School is full of pressure. There’s homework and tests and presentations, flying squids, and a completely unstable nuclear silo just out the window. (Maybe that’s just at Three Mile High.) There’s so much going on that it’s a challenge to stay on track. Luckily there are good habits for students, and they’re as simple as 1, 2, 7.

Whoops. I forgot 4.

Pro Tip
Never hire a zombie accountant. Not only do they suck at math, they often spend all your time together trying to figure out how to deduct your brain.

Making it Through School

School can be tough, and it’s not just the flying squids dive-bombing the entrance for a chuckle. It’s also the math and lots of it. There are so many things to worry about, it’s hard to imagine how we would make it through without the warm embrace of the dilapidated nuclear facility next door.

Still school is important. It was Catastrophic Post-Apocalyptic Event 37 that was caused from confusion between “epidemiology” and “etymology”. Let me tell you, scientists had a firm grasp on the historical significance of the name “Asinego Virus”. Sadly, most of them died from its effects, along with a third of the population.

The good news is that building positive habits even in a challenging environment is simple. I have a few ways to build good habits for students and it’s a simple 12-step process.

“12” comes after “2”, right?

Start Simple

Most of the time people get stymied by work, students and professionals alike, all because a task seems daunting. There are many reasons for that: it could be the task is big or it simply might be you don’t know all that you have to do and it seems overwhelming.

In most cases, the task is not as overwhelming as it seems. What’s more, the more of the task you do, the less needs to be done. That’s why finding a way to get started is one of the most crucial paths to success.

Don’t focus on big tasks; focus on small steps. Instead of worrying about a big paper, think about cataloging the steps. Instead of focusing on three pages of math problems, focus on doing one. If you’re looking for good habits for students, it begins with starting, and starting happens when you make it simple.

Find the Fun

No one wants to do a history paper on George III, but thinking about digging up dirt on him sounds like a lot of fun. Reviewing simple facts for a quiz can be tedious, but dancing around the room to some music while you do can make it a lot more enjoyable.

You can try rewards, making the tasks a game, or racing yourself to get it all done.

I find one of the best ways to get things done is shoulder-to-shoulder time where two or more people work in the same proximity but on different tasks. It makes things go a lot smoother. Find a partner you who makes the time you work change from a chore you avoid into time you look forward to.

Be Consistent

Good habits for students are just that – habits. You create good personal habits by doing something consistently to the point it just becomes a part of who you are.

One way to make sure that you consistently study every day is to have a routine even when you don’t have anything to study. In fact, it’s a great way to do the first step: start simple.

Every day, simply review the tasks you have to do. Open up whatever document you have that tells you all your assignments. If you want you can even take this time to order them. This can be the task you do every day that begins the formation of good habits.

Simple Steps
  • Good habits begin with starting; keep it simple to take action now.
  • Make it fun; find ways to enjoy the activity you’re doing.
  • Be consistent; have a plan that you do every day even if it’s just review.

It’s a simple way to build strong habits that will help you the rest of your life, or even your undeath.

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