Fun Ways to Be Active Before Certain Death

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Yaki' the zombie in the graveyard running from a scorse (scorpion-tailed horse).

So you want to be more active, but you don’t really like the thought. Plus, if you’re anything like the rest of the people in this godforsaken version of earth, you are pretty sure death is around the corner – in the tail of a scorpion-tailed horse (scorse), from toxic exposure to a wide variety of lethal substances, or simply at the moment you ask the amazing and flawless zombie next to you out on a date and she says, “no”.

If you are looking for fun ways to be active before certain death, I have great news for you! I have three amazing and fun ways to be active! I can’t promise anything on the death front. This version of earth is just wall-to-wall accidents waiting to happen.

Have the Activity Come to You

If you’re a lot like me, then you’re undead. If you’re a little like me, you like things easy. Whether undead or not, I can help you make things easy. It’s a core principle in our Easy Streaking Fun™ method for building amazing habits. (If you’re looking for a definition of a habit, it’s right here).

Sometimes we try to make good habits hard; they don’t have to be. Instead, make them easy. If you want to be more active, but don’t really like the idea of running outside (who would blame you with all the scorses, toxic lakes, and zombies that clearly don’t understand how charming I am). Instead, bring the activity to you.

If you feel more comfortable in your home (or in your lab if you have one), just run in place while you do an activity… like if there’s something you like to watch or listen to. I prefer to watch the vampire monks and lumbering mutants have it out, but everyone is different. Just find something you like to watch and run in place. It’s one of the easy and fun ways to be active… whether or not certain death awaits you on the other side.

You know what… if you have a scorse running after you, there’s a better way to be active.

Bring Company

If you’re running for your life from a giant, poisoned horse tail, I find the best way to make the most out of it is to run with a friend. There is something about doing an activity with a friend that makes the activity so much more enjoyable.

Get yourself a running buddy. If you’re running from a scorse, they are pretty easy to find, as they too will be running from a scorse. Just start up a conversation. “How are you?” “What brings you here today?” “Are you the last survivor?”

If there is no one else, the easiest way to find someone is to make a plan with someone ahead of time. Find someone who is interested in the same things you are – in my case, not dying – and then schedule times when you can be active together. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the activity, plus you can always split up on cue and confuse the hell out of a scorse and hopefully save your life.

Make It a Game

One of my favorite ways to enjoy being active is to make it a game. For instance if I walk around the block, I will try to find a way to make it competitive. Of course the best competition is always one’s self.

I either try to beat my time yesterday or my distance. Sometimes a better approach is to keep track for the week and not try to beat your time every day (improving each day can make your activity more work than fun), but instead try to get a better weekly average.

If you want to compete with someone else – not for fun, but for encouragement – compare your gains with theirs. It can make it all a lot of fun, provided you are comparing stats in the safety of your hovel and not while you are pleading with the deity of your choosing to make your legs faster or your body impervious to scorpion tails.

Enjoy Fun Ways to Be Active

You can find a lot of fun ways to be active with just a little imagination, even on your side of the temporal gateway. Make a plan today. Write down one way you’re going to be active today and how you’re going to make it fun.

Oh… and that zombie that rejected me earlier, it turns out she is pretty cool after all. She may not be into me like that, but she’s a great running partner and a lot of fun. Running with her is making this all a lot easier. I guess sometimes it’s all in how you look at things.

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