Fun at Work Day

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Fun at Work Day

It’s great to take a day off each week to slow down and recoup from work, but that doesn’t mean work has to be boring and hard. Work should be fun, and one of the best ways to make it fun is to create a fun at work day.

Fun at Work

Would you rather have to slog through the stuffing of 10,000 envelopes or see how many you can stuff in a minute and then constantly try to beat that time? Would you rather stare at the clock for 60 minutes while you mindlessly pack products or imagine what each person who opens the products will do once they receive them?

If you’re going to do a job, why not make it fun? After all, it’s not like making it boring makes it go by faster. Add some imagination and you can change any chore into fun activities.

In fact, you can focus on making one day Fun at Work Day. After all, enjoyment is a key component in the formation of good habits. With a little creativity, you can make work a blast.

How to Create a Fun at Work Day

A Fun at Work Day works best if you do it with coworkers. Make tasks you all have to do into games. Include lunch time rewards and celebrate your success. These rewards can simply be made up bronze, silver, and gold medals, or it could be that the winner gets a free lunch.

If you can’t work it out with coworkers, you can still have fun. Here are some simple ways to do it:

Simple Steps
  • Make it a Game: Take a task and make it competitive (fastest, cleanest, most accurate, etc.)
  • Add Rewards: Give placement rewards (1st, 2nd, etc.) or reward yourself for personal bests.
  • Add Wow: Send out email “opening ceremony” announcements; find ways to add fanfare.

You’ll be amazed at how exciting work becomes when you add fun, and you’ll be surprised how much you look forward to Fun at Work Day when you add it.

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