Enjoying Fun Habits

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Pri' and Okl'n work together to move boxes.

Too often when people try to define a habit, they think of something that sucks. Do you want habits that suck or habits that are fun? It’s time to start enjoying fun habits!

All the Things that Suck

You know what sucks? Squid tentacles. And that weird creature at the bottom of Larry Lake. Any Micheal Bay movies. Or at least so I’ve heard through the temporal gateway. I have no idea what a Micheal or a movie is, but if it’s about a sunlit body of water… well, that just freaks me out because I can’t swim.

Another thing that sucks is boring, good habits. Ugh. I mean, maybe I want to slurp a lot when I eat my brains*. You get it.

But, what if good habits didn’t have to suck? What if you could be a better version of yourself and be enjoying fun habits… all at the same time!

Let me tell you how.

Enjoying Fun Habits

Habits are awesome… you just have to know how to enjoy them. For instance, I learned how to play the guitar for my band through a lot of effort. I could have hated practicing, but I didn’t. I loved it! Why? Because every time I played, I imagined how well I would play in the future, and I played like I was on stage in front of a ton of people. Sure, I sounded terrible, but I was rocking, the people in my head were rocking, and every time was a blast.

When I have to eat my brains with company, I remember that sharing conversation between bites is a lot more fun. I mean… they’re brains after all… it’s not the most exciting cuisine. A nice conversation is much better. Of course, the conversation is just “brains” over and over, but it’s still a lot more fun.

And when I do something I don’t really want to do, I make it fun. I play “beat the clock” or see how accurate I can be when stacking or I invite friends for a walk, which is a fun way to be active.

That’s how you find yourself enjoying fun habits – simply by creatively making your habits fun.

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* Plant-based only baby. That stuff’s the bomb. I think. I don’t know what a bomb is, but I understand in your world some things are the bomb. Or they used to be the bomb? I don’t know. Your world is confusing.

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