Enjoy a Halloween with all Treats, no Tricks

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Okl'n the zombie with a Jack-o-Lantern head standing in a graveyard

So You want to have a fun and exciting Halloween. You want it to be memorable, but you also want to feel like things are going your way afterward. Here’s how to enjoy a Halloween with all treats, no tricks.

A Fun Night, A Day of Regret

So, how does Halloween typically end for you? Is it a day to have a lot of fun dressed up with a fantastic costume and a lot of celebrating only to spend the next day bleary-eyed, stumbling about and moaning like your brain is dislodged?

I completely understand that feeling.

Yaki’s a zombie so… yeah… I think I’m over-explaining.

If you want to enjoy a Halloween with all treats and no tricks, then you’ll want to follow three simple steps to have a great night without following it with a zombified morning.

How to Have a Great Halloween

To have a great Halloween, all you need to do is three simple things. It will make the Halloween great without going overboard.

Simple Steps
  • Use Moderation: Don’t overindulge. Every time I have too many plant-based brains I feel terrible the next day. I can barely stumble about.
  • Focus on Fun: Too often we like to focus on escaping the life we’re living rather than enjoying the fun that’s right in front of us. Focus on the fun you’re having and have a blast.
  • Be Open: Is there a Karaoke machine? Try it out. Are there people you haven’t met yet? Introduce yourself. When we try new things we leave ourselves open to fun and have less reason to try to escape.

It’s the Zombie Goals way to enjoy Halloween. (If you’re asking what is Zombie Goals, how does Zombie Goals Work, or why should I use Zombie Goals, we’ve got you covered. You can even meet the person behind Zombie Goals.)

Halloween is a lot of fun and a great way to have a great time with friends and people you enjoy being with. Follow the simple steps to enjoy a Halloween with all treats, no tricks.

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