Employees that Stand Out Do this One Thing

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Employees that Stand Out

There are a lot of things that make a zombie employer take notice of an employee: consistent attendance to team-building chases; quality “brain” grunts; the occasional arm falling off. More than anything employees that stand out do this one thing, and it surprisingly has little to do with work.

Bob the Standout

DoC loves Bob. As she works in her mad scientist’s lab having Bob run errand after errand, she knows that he will mess up at least half of the tasks she gives him.

Mad scientists prefer the term, “dangerously enthusiastic scientist”. Fortunately all zombies can utter is “brains” regardless of what they mean, so it really isn’t an issue.

Despite his bumbling, DoC keeps him around. Why? Because he has discovered one thing that people absolutely love in an employee. I say “discovered” loosely. Bob has no clue. He just happens to exude this without realizing it.

And he does it as president too. And people keep voting for him. Sure, the job of a post-apoaolytpic president is to do as little as possible, so that tracks, but he’s still a blast-zone favorite.

Regardless of how he came across it, he found out what makes employees stand out and he’s reaping the benefits of it.

Employees that Stand Out

What makes employees like Bob stand out? They have fun. They enjoy their work. They find the best way to make the most of where they are. Bob wouldn’t know why most people hate work. He’s having too much fun.

People don’t want to hang out with a downer. They love to surround themselves with people who make life fun.

What’s more, it’s hard to work when you hate your job, but when you love it and have fun doing it, you can’t wait to do more of it. When you feel overwhelmed with work, don’t worry; you can do it. You will succeed if you find the ways to make it fun and find positive solutions to problems.

Fun drives success. The more you have fun, the more you do. The more you are fun to be around at work, the more people want to be around you.

It’s not complicated, which is good because Bob is clueless. If you want to be an employee that stands out at work, change your chores into fun activities and enjoy yourself so you have the drive and motivation to get the work done. It’s the best way to get noticed and have people enjoy working with you.

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