Easy Good Habits I Can Adopt

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Pri' the zombie running in the graveyard.

Easy good habits sound enticing, but how many zombies have we seen adopting good habits? Pri’ sure wants to build some, but things don’t always turn out the way she wants them. 

A Post-Apocalyptic Struggle 

Pri’ can sometimes procrastinate. When it’s time for her to head to the graveyard and get a bit of exercise, she often finds every reason not to go.

I think you might use the term “couch carrot,”… or maybe it was a “sofa radish” or something, but with Pri’ sometimes “couch zombie” sounds just about right. 

Although Pri’ desperately wants to get rid of some bad habits that she has accumulated over the years, her efforts are often in vain. 

For Pri’ to find success, she needs to stop getting distracted by flying squids, frost monsters, and scorses. Sure, they are dangerous, but not letting go of some pesky habits is worse. Luckily for Pri’, we know what it takes to guide her to building good habits, but in a way that will stick. 

It Starts Slow for all Creatures

Many people think zombies are different from humans, but we’re a lot alike in reality! Even though Pri’ can stay alive for centuries, she can’t resist the urge to let go of some habits unless she is consistent.

To beat any habit, such as Pri’ not eating healthy, you have to exert effort constantly. The issue with Pri’ is that she will eat healthy one day and the next day resort to the same old habits. You have to be mindful of your diet every day and keep a balance.

Take it slow and easy, but don’t give up! Consistency will get you to success. 

Planning Matters even with Zombies

You can’t expect to go around the graveyard without planning well – Pri’ is just beginning to realize this now. Getting healthy requires constant effort; you can’t expect to eat junk food all the time and remain fit. The best plan is to take the first step today.

Pri’ tends to slack off, and maybe, once in a blue moon, you’ll see her hanging out with her friends. She would then worry about how she looked because she hadn’t had any exercise in those two weeks of constant munching and staring off into space. 

You can’t get healthy in a day, which is why planning is important. Maybe exercise even just a couple of minutes a day, but do it daily. You could end up getting cramps by doing it one day for an hour when you’re not ready. Instead, focus on consistency and building the habit over time. 

Even doing very little is still powerful if you do it every day!

Are you ready to Fix Some Habits like Pri’?

The greatest task is being consistent in what we do and not letting our temporary urges get the better of us. 

Not everything good has to be difficult, and Pri’ too, can get rid of her bad habits if she is determined and willing to change! It all starts with you and your commitment to yourself at the end of the day. 

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