Zombie Goals

The App That Plays Like a Game

Awaken Your Dreams
The lines from Riff in Peace's most recent album say it best.

Scary, glowing, full of power
Sitting deep inside DoC’s tower
Everyone wants what it can give
To make one’s once vanquished dreams live

Everyone has dreams that haven’t become reality. Everyone has dreams that have passed on: a new career, a healthier lifestyle, a personal hobby.

What if you could bring them back to life?

The dream reanimator is at the core of Zombie Goals, created by the very person who created the app. As you use the app, DoC will use the dream reanimator to link you to a zombie companion who will help you reanimate your dreams.

Find out how it works and more below.
How It Works
Using the app is like playing a game
Gain rewards simply by having fun
Enjoy the app daily to form strong habits
Gain Exclusives and More
Do you feel your dreams have died? Did you bury your goals long ago? Are your aspirations six feet under? Reanimate your dreams with Zombie Goals!

Build strong, powerful habits while having a blast. Become healthier, more skilled, and more creative simply by using the app that feels like a game.

Sign up for limited in-game offers, members-only details on upcoming enhancements, and exclusive welcome gifts. The best part is, it’s free!

Show off your brains, and become a zombie today.