What if Life Was Like Playing a Game?

What if you could have what you want just by playing?

Brains! BRAINS!

That’s not the hunger pangs of a zombie. They are my cries of overwhelming frustration after failing to do even the simplest tasks, sure that it was my stupidity that caused me to fail where others succeeded.

If I try I’ll fail

I wouldn’t discover the truth until years later: it had nothing to do with intelligence. In fact, there was nothing stopping me from living my dreams – nothing, that is, except for my preconceived notions of what it takes to succeed.

It wasn’t until I discovered the power of a new game-based approach to reanimating my dreams that things changed. Now I’ve taken what I’ve learned over years and years of research and trial and error and created something that makes it easy for anyone to change their lives.

Think about this: What if you could not only achieve your dreams, but you could have a blast doing what it takes to make it happen? What if there was a game you could play to not only bring your dreams back to life, but could make them come true?

What if that app made your life a game with all the fun and excitement that you would expect from a killer app, but with real world results? What if life was like playing a game?

A Lazy, Nearly Zombified Gamer

For years my life consisted of sleeping late, eating junk, and playing games.

Yaki’ Couch Potato

I was the king of starting projects that would meet an untimely demise. I had great ideas that would succumb to the fiendish stresses of daily life causing them to wither and die.

I had a lot of fantastic ideas. I had wonderful dreams. I had lofty goals.

I tried time and time again to see them through, but was stymied. I:

  • Felt utterly defeated when I couldn’t seem to complete any of my projects.
  • Felt shame and guilt for not being more productive.
  • Beat myself up for being unable to do even the simplest tasks.

Sadly all of this amplified my feelings of inadequacy. The shame spiral would only become worse each time I found new hope only to watch it die.

Then one day I stumbled across an approach that changed my life forever.

Life Reanimated

After stumbling across this amazing method of personal transformation, I started becoming tuned into many other techniques to change my life into what I wanted. These weren’t things that required you to take a 5-day course, spend thousands of dollars, or even become an entirely different person overnight. These were things that were easy.

I don’t mean that it didn’t take effort. It definitely did. But the effort was fun. It was enjoyable. It was rewarding. It was addicting. It was like playing a game.

Yaki’ Triumphant

I began learning new skills. I took up the guitar (and haven’t stopped). I started several projects, and I completed them! I grew my own business, read hundreds of books (and wrote a few of my own), stood up some websites, created a handful of apps, and did a lot of public speaking in the US and Canada.

I Just Had to Play

In short, I had reanimated my dreams all because I found the tools and techniques to approach life differently. What if life was like playing a game? I had the answers.

Now after reading a large number of books, watching a vast array of courses, doing research, conducting interviews, experiencing personal trial and error, coaching others, and sharing secrets at several universities and Fortune 500 campuses, I’ve developed Zombie Goals to help people just like me – people who have amazing dreams and goals, but can’t seem to get past themselves to make it all happen.

Zombie Goals is unlike anything else you’ve tried. It’s a game that’s not a game. Life is the game. Zombie Goals just makes doing the challenging stuff fun.

Here’s the best part:

The only way way to fail is not to play.

There were a large number of things that I felt needed to be done but I could never get the motivation. The sheer volume of the tasks felt overwhelming so I just avoided all of them. I felt ashamed of not being able to accomplish anything so I didn’t reach out for help or encouragement. 

The first thing this did was help me focus on smaller quick wins that could fuel my motivation. This also showed me that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Overall, I feel like I can manage anything that I have to do now.


Zombie (former human)

myth people are born successful

Making Life a Game

The thing about life is it can be tough and lonely sometimes. It seems that doing what we “should do” and doing what we feel like doing are two different things. What if it didn’t have to be that way. 

What if life was like playing a game?

you can achieve your dreams and enjoy doing it

What if you:

  • Just couldn’t wait to do the things that enriched your life?
  • Felt capable, in control, and unstoppable?
  • Accomplished more than you ever thought possible?
  • Knew you couldn’t fail?
  • Had a blast doing it?

Zombie Goals will help you reanimate your dreams and change your life forever. The only way to fail is not to play.

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What Is Zombie Goals?

Zombie Goals is an app you use to make healthy habits as fun as the unhealthy ones. It plays like a game, but with real-world results. You may not even realize how much your habits change and how much your life has improved because you’re having too much fun!

How does it work?

Zombie Goals uses psychological triggers, proven methods, time-honored techniques, and, quite-frankly, some brain-hacking tricks to put you in the drivers seat of your own destiny. You use the app like a game, gaining rewards, achievements, and status while changing real world habits to help you achieve your dreams.

It’s everything modern apps should be, but aren’t. They entice you to play taking you away from the things that will make your life better; we entice you to make your life better by playing.

When will it be released?

We are currently planning for a release in 2021.

Will there be a beta? Can I join?

If there will be a beta, we will notify those who sign up, so be sure to put your name on the list so you can be notified!

How much will it cost?

Zombie Goals will be a free download. Certain features and items are only available with subscriptions which also grant discounts on in-store items. Pricing on enhanced features and items has not yet been determined, but will be well worth the lifelong possibilities of a life well worth living.

What do I get for signing up?

Those who sign up are the first to hear about release dates, features, new items, and more. You will also get a promo code for a free, exclusive in-game item. Additionally, subscribers will get access to special content and offers not available to anyone else.

Do you have any apps available today?

Yes! At Cedowin, our focus has always been on apps and content that help people live their best life. Our scavenger hunt adventure app, AweVenture, is a fantastic way to get out with family or friends and enjoy a fun time being active and enjoying the world around you.

I suffer from depression; what about me?

You suffer from depression? Me too! It’s one of the reasons I had to discover all these tricks and techniques to be productive at work to keep food on the table while I was numb and empty inside. In fact, getting things done when my world felt like it was caving in is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do.

Let’s be clear: there is no substitute for seeking professional help. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or similar mental health issues, you need to talk to an appropriate professional.

At the same time, we will include features in Zombie Goals to help you deal with challenges specific to your situation. I know the challenges and pitfalls people like us face, and I have made sure that our team included features to help when times are tough with features like “Bad Day Rescue” and “Bad Day Boosters”.

These are in no way meant to replace professional help. They are only ways to augment the help you receive and provide key motivational fuel when your tank is empty. We cannot help you overcome mental health issues, but we can help you as you are getting the professional help you need.

Is it really impossible to fail?

Zig Ziglar, famous motivational speaker, once said “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

We say the only way to fail is not to play for two reasons. First of all, giving up is the only way to fail. You have to keep trying. More importantly getting something that you want is not as important as becoming someone you want to be. The more you play, the more you improve your habits, the more you become the person you want to be.

Even when you don’t get what you want, you still improve what you are capable of, and since it’s all a blast while you’re playing Zombie Goals, why not just keep at it? After all, the only way to fail, is not to play.


What if life was like playing a game? What if you could reanimate your dreams and change your life, all while having fun?

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The only way way to fail is not to play.