Don’t Give Up

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Don’t Give Up

When you find yourself struggling, don’t give up. The thing that’s stopping you may not be what you think.

The Value of Persistence

Do you know how I built my hovel? One piece of irradiated, corrugated metal at a time. Do you know how I built my fence? Well… pretty much the same way. Irradiated, corrugated metal is pretty much a mainstay around here.

do less to do more

Oddly enough, I believe this was a suburb before the apocalypse. I’m not sure where all this corrugated metal came from.

Pro Tip
Sometimes it’s best not to question things, like good fortune or brilliant writing.

The thing is, building something takes time, and motivation isn’t always strong. The longer you go, the easier it gets.

For instance, if you were suddenly transported to a moment in time where you were one minute away from completing a 30 minute workout, how much easier would it be to complete than if you just started?

You get to the last minute by doing the other 29. When you find yourself 10 minutes in, don’t give up; persistence is how you get there. At the same time, you may want to clarify your goal.

Clarify Your Goal

When I say don’t give up, that can be dangerous. Some people don’t realize they they’re pursing the wrong thing.

For instance, you may really want to be with a particular person, but they don’t reciprocate. When I say don’t give up, that doesn’t mean that you never stop pursuing them despite their wishes. That’s the type of stuff that can land you with a restraining order.

(In case you may not know, a restraining order is where someone gives the order for a zombie to be restrained. It’s the kind of thing DoC loves; I’m not sure why.)

The problem with this scenario is that you’re focused on the wrong goal. If your goal is to be with a particular person, that’s the wrong goal, particularly when that person is not reciprocating.

What you really want is to experience life with someone who loves you as much as you love them. That’s the goal. Don’t give up on that goal, but make sure you’re focused on the right goal.

Don’t Give Up

Keep moving forward. Keep believing. Find ways to motivate yourself with energy, excitement, and rewards.

At the same time, check yourself. Make sure you are focused on the right goal. Look to what’s really underneath to make sure that the reason you’re struggling isn’t because of an incorrect focus.

Don’t give up. Success is about consistent action over time. You can do this. Now get out there and make it happen!

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