Creating an Unstoppable Streak

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Yaki' the zombie with an adult streak - a creature that looks a lot like a dragon

So you’ve got a streak and you want to make it stronger… like crazy strong. What’s the right way to do it? You may know the power of streaks, but how do you make your streak even more powerful? Here’s what you need to know for creating an unstoppable streak.

Remembering the Baby Streak

Remember when your streak was first hatched? It was fragile and small and not very powerful.

<Video of streak hatchling flying>

But every day you fed it and it grew. As long as you fed it each day without fail, it became stronger. It grew more powerful. Sure, at one point it was just a baby streak, but now it’s much, much bigger.

You may have found the secret to the best daily routine, but what’s the the secret for a streak? What’s the key to creating an unstoppable streak? 

Yaki' the zombie with an adult streak - a creature that looks a lot like a dragon

The answer is crazy simple.

It’s Not How Much You Feed It

One of the problems people run into when watching their streak grow is that they think it’s all about how much you feed it. Often people try to feed it a lot more than it’s ready for.

When you try to overfeed a streak it taxes both you and the streak. You may find it difficult to keep feeding it day after day. It becomes overwhelming.

Instead, the key to creating an unstoppable streak is to make sure and feed it every day no matter how little

A Completely Unrelated and Weirdly Unconnected Example

Imagine your streak were something totally different like… say your desire to run every day. Say you had gotten a sneak peek at DoCs new Zombie Goals app and it sparked a drive for you to run consistently throughout the week.

If you run each day, even just a minute, you’re building a habit of running. If you try to run 30 minutes a day and you’ve never run that much before, you may find you kill your desire before you’ve formed the habit.

Streaks are a lot like that. You have you feed them each day, no matter how small. As they grow, you might feed them a little more each day, but that will feel natural instead of forced. Creating an unstoppable streak means feeding it each day. That’s it. The rest comes naturally.

Get A Head
Feed a streak daily. It’s consistency over volume.

If you want a streak that’s unstoppable, just focus on feeding it each day. It will automatically move you to feed it more when it’s ready. That’s the beauty of streaks and feeding one well can make it unstoppable.

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