Change Chores into Fun Activities

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Change Chores into Fun Activities

So you have to get things done: bring in the trash (to decorate the house), distract a few mutant creatures, and repair your anti-rabid beaver wall before the bird-beaked hybrid mutants make their way back again. Bo-ring! But it doesn’t have to be when you change chores into fun activities.

Here’s how – in 3 simple steps.

The Way We See Things

There’s no way around it. Life makes us do a lot of things that aren’t our first choice. Some days we find ourselves yelling and screaming at others that pass by then some times we do things we don’t like.

It’s not always easy to do the things we don’t want to do, but when we take a second look at them, we can make them more enjoyable. With the right perspective, we can change chores into fun activities.

Get A Head
The way you look at things makes a big difference in how much you enjoy it. For instance, I could look in the mirror and see a blueish-green, dried out, rotten husk of a man, but I choose to see a blueish-green, dried out, rotten husk of a man with great hair. Perspective.

Change Chores Into Fun Activities

If I want to get my chores done so I can get back to yelling and screaming at my neighbors (I really only yell the one thing – “brains!” – but they get it), I have to find a way to make the chores easy to do. The best way is to change chores into fun activities.

Here are three techniques I can try.

First, to bring the trash, I can make it a race. I give myself a time limit like three minutes and collect all the trash I can, bringing it all in before the timer runs out. Then I can decorate my hovel to my heart’s content.

Secondly, to distract a few mutant creatures so they don’t attack my hovel, I can come up with some new creative ideas. I can use the idea machine pattern:

  • Come up with a Single Limitation: Like saying it has to involve cookies.
  • Come up with 10 Options: Quickly brainstorm at least 10 different ways to accomplish it.
  • Narrow it to 3: Immediately choose only three options. This makes it easier to select one.

Finally, to repair the wall, I’m going to add some distraction. I’m going to play some zombie metal from Zomboni. Their thrash metal album “Brains” was a real breath of stale air.

Get Chores Done Fast!

Change chores into fun activities to get them done fast (or at least make it feel fast). To do it, follow these simple steps:

Small Steps
  • Make it a Race: Time yourself to make it a game.
  • Dream up New Approaches: Have fun with creative problem solving.
  • Add Distraction: Find ways to add something to make it more fun.

It’s easy to change chores into fun activities with these simple steps. The best part is, you can make up your own! Find ways to make your chores more exciting and enjoy making the most of your life!

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