Celebrate Success (Even Waist Deep in Toxic Ooze)

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celebrate success

It’s easy to find fault with ourselves and point out where we fail, but it’s more important to celebrate success when we do something great. I found this out the other day after finding myself stuck waist deep in a lake of toxic ooze.

After all, I might have to face two toothless mutant piranhas, but I didn’t have to deal with a couple of lumbering mutants.

(I forget you aren’t zombies… that makes a lot more sense if you live in my world. If you want a little backstory, you can check out my post Daily Habits to Improve Life, or you can just say “to hell with it” and read on.

Fun Fact: “To hell with it” was the last recorded words of the guy who started the apocalypse.)

Missing SOCs

The other day as I was searching for a pair of SOCs I found myself in a predicament.

You’ve been there, right? Oh… right. You’re human. You don’t have SOCs.

SOCs, or Sentient Ooze Collectors are toxic ooze blobs that like to take things. We don’t know why, but they just love collecting. A couple of them had taken my hammer and wrench. I followed them back to Lake Larry and they headed in. I mindlessly chased them. (I’m a zombie. Mindless is kind of my jam.)

Focusing on the Ooze

I found one SOC and retrieved my hammer. I was waist deep in the ooze, searching for the other SOC when it dawned on me where I was – surrounded by toxic ooze, in a lake known for it’s two remaining toothless piranha.

I started to look at what I did wrong, until I looked at the shore and realized I should celebrate success.

Here’s why.

The Good Over the Bad

On the shore were David and Goliath – two lumbering mutants with bone-breaking strength and barely enough mental capacity to lumber about. David is a real softy, but Goliath – he is always upset. Imagine some kind of hulking mutant, but made out of sentient swamp mass and dead trees.

As I contemplated how bad it would be for me to be caught by one of them, and the fact that they don’t like to get in the ooze, I considered myself lucky. I had successfully achieved my hammer, and had avoided David and Goliath.

Celebrate Success

I could focus on the fact that I was waist deep in toxic ooze or that a couple mutant piranhas were gumming my toes, or I could celebrate success. There was nothing to be gained by complaining. Instead my euphoria over my good fortune changed my thought process. I now was focused on possibilities instead of failures.

This helped me notice the missing SOC with my wrench, and devise a plan to get out without attracting the attention of the lumbering mutants. There’s something about setting your focus that causes you to see things differently.

Today is a great day to celebrate success whether you’re stuck in a lake of toxic ooze or not. Realize what you’ve done well. Find 5 things to celebrate. After all, people aren’t born successful; we become successful. The more we celebrate our successes, the more we have to celebrate.

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