Pri' the zombie chasing a flying squid

Building a Good Habit – How to Get Tasks Done Easily

We often feel overwhelmed by our daily tasks. We forget that building a good habit is opting for baby steps each day until we achieve our main goal.  Pri’ faced this problem. She had trouble managing her fierce strength throughout work and home. Building a Good Habit Building habits can

Okl'n the zombie jogging in the graveyard at night

What Happens When You Take Control of Your Life?

What happens when you take control of your life? Like most of us zombies, Okl’n only recently discovered what it feels like to have control.  The barriers we purposely to set for ourselves are the ones that hurt us the most in the long run. This is what happened with

Ok'ln the zombie in a graveyard, running for his undeath from a flying squid

The Key to Success when You Feel Overwhelmed

For most of us, we sometimes find it’s easy to get things done and sometimes it’s challenging particularly when it seems like there’s so much to do. Luckily we’ve discovered the key to success when you feel overwhelmed. Flying Squids and Motivation Have you ever tried to outrun a flying

Okl'n the zombie in his failing garden surrounded by vampire bat, chipmunk hybrids

You Can’t Have Success without This

If you want to enjoy success, there’s one thing you absolutely must have. It’s crucial to make things happen. You can’t have success without this. A Waning Streak The other day I was walking past Okl’n and I noticed that his streak was starting to wane. Sure, he was feeding

Just Take a Step

Just Take a Step

Sometimes, when you’re stuck between a werebear, and a giant chasm, it’s hard to move forward. At times like these, the best thing to do is just take a step. Why I Hate Bunnies Okay, I know it seems like this post just took a hard right turn. Here I

Employees that Stand Out

Employees that Stand Out Do this One Thing

There are a lot of things that make a zombie employer take notice of an employee: consistent attendance to team-building chases; quality “brain” grunts; the occasional arm falling off. More than anything employees that stand out do this one thing, and it surprisingly has little to do with work. Bob

You Will Succeed

You Will Succeed

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from a post-apocalyptic world it’s that you will succeed – even if you have to endure a bit of soul-sucking in the process. Soul-Sucking Squids If there’s one thing I’ve had to endure in life – err, undeath – it’s squids – soul-sucking, flying

Difficulty in Decision Making

Overcoming Difficulty in Decision Making

If you’ve ever struggled with difficulty in decision making, you’re not alone. I often wonder if I should stumble about arms outstretched, stumble with my arms to my side, avoid stumbling entirely, or employ a variety of half a dozen other ideas. Then I came across one secret that cleared

Take a Step Forward

Take a Step Forward

If you find yourself struggling to get things done, simply take a step forward. It’s good advice in general and really potent advice if you are stuck in toxic sludge and being chased by a mutant. A Real Toxic Environment So the other day I was out in a field

Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters

Becoming a zombie changes everything. In a bizarre way, it clarifies your thinking. Your focus really changes. You gain a new sense of clarity, like realizing that everyone matters and understanding what that means. A Different World Before the apocalypse, people were very focused on things and acquiring stuff. It’s

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