Pri' inanimate on the reanimation table as Bob the Zombie ignites the Dream Reanimator™ to bring her back to life.

A Sneak Peek of DoC’s Lab Part II

If you enjoyed last week’s sneak peek of DoC’s lab, you will love this continuation where you get to see how zombies are reanimated and enhanced. Zombie Reanimation No sneak peek of DoC’s lab would be complete without the parts of the lab that bring dreams back to life! All

A wide view of DoC's Lab with lots of glowing machinery.

A Sneak Peek of DoC’s Lab

DoC has been feverishly at work to create the technology that will power Zombie Goals. She’s put together the machines that will do a lot of the heavy lifting in our world, and you’re in luck! I’ve been allowed to give you a sneak peek of DoC’s lab! Trans-Dimensional Cerebral

A silhouette of Okl'n the zombie

Are You Ready to Meet Another Zombie?

It’s been almost three months since we asked you if you were ready to meet a zombie and introduced you to Pri’. Are you ready to meet another zombie? Get ready to meet Okl’n. A Quick Rehash When we introduced Pri’ we explained how the technology that was developed to

A silhouette of DoC, the mad scientist

Meet the Person behind Zombie Goals

So you’re amazed at the fact that a game can help you build great habits, and you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy. Now you must be wondering, who dreamed this up? It’s time you meet the person behind Zombie Goals. How DoC Changed My Life Have

A Silhouette of Pri' the zombie

Are You Ready to Meet a Zombie?

So we’ve been talking zombies for awhile. In fact, you’ve seen a lot of two-dimensional renditions of zombies. But are you ready to meet a zombie for real? A Little Post-Apocalyptic Primer For those that may be new, you’ll need a little background into our world. For those that have

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